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I’ve now completely caught up on NGW’s weekly TV show (‘British Wrestling Weekly’, which airs on many of the new local TV stations on Freeview 8/Sky 117), where they have just finished covering September’s ‘Collision Course’ event from Hull and are now currently on ‘Eternal Glory: Part 1’ from Liverpool a few weeks ago.  I had about 12 weeks’ worth recorded to get though at one point, though it did help my catch-up that one episode at “the end of season 1” was just a recap show... which they then repeated for 3 consecutive weeks.


It’s actually a very good 1 hour wrestling show, with the perfect balance between new matches, recaps of ‘the story so far’ to keep the storylines fresh in your mind and promos/video packages to hype upcoming matches.  Some of the production end of things (camerawork, editing, sound levels, picture, etc.) is a little on the weak side, but as an actual wrestling product NGW is a very good one to showcase and I’ve been really liking it.  Quite enjoyably from my point of view, it is a heavily storyline-based product rather than just a series of showcase matches like you would get from its sister ‘British Wrestling Round-Up’ and ‘WrestleTalk TV’ shows on Challenge, so it’s something to get your teeth into and follow from week-to-week.  I also like the way that when they have a big match to present (such as a grudge match at the end of a long-running feud, or a big title match from one of their big Hull City Hall shows) they dedicate the entire show to that match, firstly recapping everything that has brought them to that stage over the past few months, replaying relevant angles and match finishes, then playing sit-down promos from those involved, then finally showing the resulting match in full, complete with big entrances, introductions and closing celebrations.


They are also now definitely presenting ‘TV wrestling’, rather than just showing house show matches that happen to be filmed.  There’s a big difference.


Anyway, now I’m up-to-date you can expect regular reviews of the weekly show.




Elsewhere, TIDAL present their big ‘Anniversary:2’ this coming Sunday (22 November, 6pm doors for 6:30pm start) at their home venue of Stylus in Leeds University’s student union building.  From that first national showcase tour they did 2 years ago, they’ve really developed into a very good regular presentation and it’s fitting that they mark their second anniversary with a cracking line-up full of variety that typifies everything appealing about what this promotion has turned out to be:



TCW Championship; No Holds Barred:

Dara Diablo © vs. El Ligero


TCW Open Championship (vacant):

‘Armbar Superstar’ Dan James vs. Violet O’Hara


2 Out Of 3 Falls:

The Proven (Sam Wilder & Caz Crash) vs. So Scandalous (Damien Dunne & Ryan Smile)


3-Way Match:

Mark Haskins vs. Martin Kirby vs. Liam Lazarus


Rampage Brown vs. ‘Flying’ Mike Bird


Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate


Nixon Newell vs. Addy Starr


Ward 13 vs. The Burial (Graves & Rose)


JD Boom vs. a mystery opponent



Should be a belter all-round, but I’m particularly looking forward to the Haskins/Kirby/Lazarus 3-way, the absolute war that should be Rampage vs. Bird, Dunne vs. Bate and the main event title match.  Dara Diablo is someone that I always used to think was a bit crap, but since really seeing a lot more of him in his new dark evil persona (such as in the TV show I mentioned earlier) I think he’s actually become really, really good, particularly in the big, epic, dramatic, story-driven, grudge match brawls I’m fully expecting his match with Ligero to be.  Really, though, every single match here has something to offer and is something I’m interested in seeing for one reason or another, so the show overall is one that I’m really looking forward to.


And get someone in that bloody lift!!!

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Top show from Tidal Wrestling last night, wouldn't say it got going till the Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate match. Then after it was just good match after good match.


Liam Lazarus finally i think turned full bad guy by interfering in the main event taking out Dara Diablo and El Ligero before putting Diablo on top of Ligero for the win. This has now set up a 3 way at the December show - should be brilliant.


Crowd was around the same level of attendance what it has been like over the last few months, but the product has continuously improved over time and deserves more people to see it.

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To all talent

I had a meeting with the knight family Ricky and Julia. We talked about the last few LPW shows, how I talk to people ect and from now Ricky Knight will be the LPW booker, I myself will be in the background and still be the boss of LPW. I will be listening and learning from them. I will not let anyone down

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