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My Career Rivalry - John Cena


My main rivalry - John Cena  

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I think saying Edge was Cena's main guy is like suggesting Piper was Hogan's. They both did so much for the babyface at a key time in their ascension, but the surely the quality of their runs at the very summit are what really define them?


To that end, it has to be CM Punk. The finest promo work (on both sides) the entire company has put out in christ knows how long, and an endless endless stream of absorbing matches to hang your hat on. In his natural opposition of what Cena's character is, Punk is perfect foil as a heel or a babyface bouncing against it, and Cena clearly loves rising to (and always overcoming) the challenge of working with a guy like him. In the few spells they had together, no story defined and solidified the legacies of both characters simultaneously as Cena vs Punk.


The only argument against this for me, would be that actually Cena's is Punk's career opponent. Which while true, does not mean it can't be the same the other way around. Put those two in there and wrap any circumstances around it you like, and they shit quality.

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