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New wrestling book - plus new issue with FREE Neville art print


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Hey Guys,


As some of you may know, we've  spent the past three years establishing ourselves as being THE independently published professional wrestling magazine, providing coverage from all over the globe, spanning different eras and periods in time. Our team includes the best freelance writers,photographers and artists from around the world.


This week we have released our first ever book - The Collection Volume 1 - which is a compendium of our first ten issues, completely remastered. This includes over two whole new chapters and 270 pages of professional wrestling goodness in a brand new BOOK!




If you're new to our magazine, THIS is the place to start and to come to check out why we are the second largest printed wrestling magazine in the UK. For the record, as much admiration as we have for FSM, we are nothing like Brian's publication. Instead we are doing everything that we can to fill that Power Slam shaped whole in wrestling print media. We strive to be the alternative voice, always looking at what our readers want from the content that they consume then setting out to over-deliver on this.


If you're a loyal reader then you'll dig over TWO WHOLE NEW CHAPTERS as well as additional content which you will not find anywhere else.


You can read more and pick up your copy for just £9.95 HERE.



Plus, the first 100 books sold will come with a super-limited-edition art card by resident artist Paul Cooper, who designs all of our front covers!




We have also recently announced the latest issue of our magazine as well as the British Wrestling Scene inspired front cover which was voted for by our readers, featuring Kris Travis, Tommy end and Noam Dar.




What's inside the new issue?


  • Don’t call it a comeback – We look at the fascination with comparing the current British wrestling circuit with the World of Sport days.
  • East End Butcher – James Musselwhite’s wonderful Portrait of a Wrestler photography and interview series continues with Sha Samuels.
  • The Perils of Improvement – Attitude Era Podcast and How2Wrestling Podcast host Kefin Mahon muses over wrestlers who were the shits but then actually tried to get better at the old wrestling.
  • Top 10 Hunks in wrestling – No description needed as Jo Graham assess the important things in the business.
  • The Art of Professional Wrestling Commentary – In a truly insightful piece, Calling Spots talked to some of the most prominent and skilled wrestling commentators from around the world to find out what it take to be a great announcer.
  • The Summer of ’96 – New Generation Project Podcast’s Stewart Brookes takes an analytical journey back to the summer of 1996 to reflect on the impact of two event that were merely two weeks apart – Hulk Hogan joining the nWo and Austin declaring “3:16 means I just whipped your ass” at the King of the Ring – on the wrestling landscape of yesteryear.




If anybody here on the UKFF has read our magazine before, we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the issues that you've read.


Thank you so much for reading,


Rich and the Calling Spots team.




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Hey @EdgeHead - that's really great to hear that you enjoyed the book. If that was your first experience then you wont have seen the old issues of the magazine from which a lot of the articles in the book were derived. Those old issues were very DIY and in the vein of 1980's fanzines. What you see in the book it more in line with the product we produce bi-monthly in our magazine, were we focus on design and aesthetics as well as quality of content.


Thank you so much for taking the plunge and hopefully the book may inspire you to check out a magazine down the road. Cheers and take care man. 

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Hey guys,


Just two very quick updates from us...


Our new issue is available and shipping now:




If you're interested in grabbing a copy, here are some links:


Individual PRINT issue (£1.99 plus P&P)


Individual DIGITAL issue (£1.99)


Print and digital SUBSCRIPTIONS (From £9.95)



On top of this, on the back of our super-popular signed Jimmy Havoc posters, we now have a very limited amount of these hand-signed Kris Travis posters of Paul Cooper's signature artwork:




There are only 150 of these in the world, split between us, the artist (with us selling on his behalf) and Kris himself. The posters are priced at £5, are A3 size and are printed on uncoated paper to extenuate the signature. If you'd like one, Kris will be selling his 50 at shows or you can order online through us by clicking here.


If we were to make these signed posters a 'thing', are there any wrestlers that you'd particularly like to see us reach out to?


Thanks for reading,



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