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City Of Villains - Collectors Box


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I'm looking to sell some stuff as I'm unpacking in my new house.


First up is a "city of villains" pack.


Box is open but contents are still sealed and never used. It includes:


A copy of the game, activation code and free month (This may not still work so many years on, I honestly don't know)


A poster, I've never unfolded it so not sure how big or what's on it


Game manual


Book of concept art for city of villains city of heroes


7 figures, from the game I assume, still in blister packs and sealed bags.


If any ones interested for £5 plus PnP.

I'd post by royal mail, and go for what ever level of postage you wanted and so just add on the PnP cost after a quote from my local office.


I'll try and put on some photos if I can.


PM me or post in here if you are interested.

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