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WWE Raw Liverpool ticket

Shane O' Mac Version 2

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Hey guys,


So I bought a ticket to the WWE Raw tapings in Liverpool this November. Unfortunately my trip to the UK didn't pan out the way I would have liked, so I've returned to Australia. I still have a ticket that needs to be used, because we want a sell-out at the Echo Arena. I paid £60, asking for £50. 


Ticket details:


City Side, Upper Tier, Block 06,  Row EE, Seat 85



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Didn't work out, sadly, I started teaching in the UK, but the agency I was with couldn't guarantee the work they agreed to give me in the beginning.


Also, I rushed into it big time, going straight from graduation to teaching in a new country with a surprisingly different system meant I was knocked for a loop from the outset. Going to get more experience back home then maybe try again in a year or so.


I was supposed to have 5 days a week guaranteed supply work, and they struggled to find me more than 2. With no savings behind me, I couldn't really sustain it. Pretty down about it tbh, but I just try and look at it as being in the same spot I was back in July after graduation.

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