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ENDS SUNDAY, 9MPish! PWG Collection Joblot for sale! + CZW, CH

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Hey all! I'm selling through a bunch of my DVD's in order to create room for.....more DVDs. Yep, you read that right.


These are all legit DVD's that i've bought from PWG, Highspots and SmartMarkVideo. Just a reminder that the SMV (CZW, CHIKARA, IWA-MS) sets are DVD-R's as that's how they sell them. Each set comes wth the original DVD inlay covers. All my sales are on eBay and you can reach them by clicking the link at the bottom of this post. Happy bidding!


So, the main event of the listings...


Eleven amazing Pro Wrestling Guerrilla DVDs! Capturing every show from December 2006 to June 2007! This auction contains the following events:
Passive Hostility, Based On A True Story, Guitarmageddon 2: Armoryageddon, Holydiverdown, Album Of The Year (now Out Of Print!), 70/30, All-Star Weekend 5 Night One & Night Two, Roger Dorn Night and DDT4 2007 Night One & Night Two.

These are PWG/High Spots original DVDs, purchased straight from PWG back in 2007. They are in great condition and the disks work perfectly. I'm not including the actual plastic cases in order to save money on postage. The DVD inlays are standard size and will fit in any regular DVD case, but i have also kept the DVD cases should the buyer want them as well. However, this will increase the P&P price to £6.50 instead of £1.50.


I'm also selling the following DVDs (which you can find along with the above bundle at the link after this list)

-The Best Of CZW: 2007 (3 Disk set) 22 matches!

- The Best Of Chikara: 2007 (3 Disk set) 24 matches!

- The Best Of Chuck Taylor (3 Disk Set) 26 matches + 40 minute shoot interview!

- CZW Only The Strong: 6th Year Celebration show (2 Disk set) Said to be one of the best CZW shows of all time.

- IWA-MS Simply The Best 6 (3-Disk Set) Great show with an 8-man cruiserweight tournment and CM Punk vs Delerious!



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