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PAID Promotions Wrestling presents: Era of Violence

Victor Is God

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PAID Promotions Wrestling is back on Sunday, July 20 at The Globe Arena in Morecambe


And Greg Lambert's back in charge!


With Johnny Phere having quit wrestling after his loss last time out to The Creeper, and with Greg Lambert once again as manager of the PAID Promotions Champion after 'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins' shock cash-in and title victory over Joey Hayes on June 1, we are entering a new era in Morecambe wrestling...an Era of Violence!


Greg Lambert's heavily-hyped match with Joey Hayes turned out to be a set-up concocted between 'The Truth' and the precociously talented young Kollins, who saved Lambert with a violent attack on Joey's already-injured knee, using a metal crowbar to render Hayes helpless. Then, as holder of PAID Promotions' Golden Chance Trophy, Kollins took the perfect opportunity to demand his guaranteed championship match when Hayes was at his most vulnerable. Within seconds, Joey tapped out, and at just 22 years of age, 'The One Man Riot' got his hands on the linear British Heavyweight Championship!


Now Kollins is ready for his first title defence against the man he smashed in the face with a crowbar as he tried to save Joey on June 1, Hayes' close friend Bubblegum.


Kollins and Bubblegum have history. They have met twice before in a PAID Promotions ring in singles matches, with one win each. It was Bubblegum who Kollins eliminated to win the Golden Chance Rumble and earn his title shot in the first place. But with big victories over Max Angelus and Danny Hope, Bubblegum has earned the right to be 'The One Man Riot's first challenger.


So in the main event of Era of Violence, it will be Craig Kollins (with Greg 'The Truth' Lambert) versus Bubblegum, with Bubblegum not only fighting to win the championship but also for the honour of Joey Hayes!




And in other matches on the show, we will see the return to Morecambe for the first time in more than two years of El Ligero as he battles CJ Banks in a terrific clash between two men who know each other very well and always deliver a fantastic bout!




And how about this for a debut? Wrestling for the very first time in Morecambe, is the man whose name has been on everyone's lips this year, the star of BBC1's Insane Fight Club and the Clown Prince of Scotland, Grado! His opponent in what is bound to be a match full of mayhem and mirth in Morecambe, is Mad Man Manson!




MAIN EVENT: 'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins (with Greg 'The Truth' Lambert) vs Bubblegum for the PAID Promotions Championship


SINGLES MATCH: El Ligero vs 'Serious' CJ Banks


MATCH OF MIRTH and MAYHEM: Grado vs Mad Man Manson


PLUS: Cyanide vs Delicious Danny Hope


Ricky J McKenzie vs Dangerous Damon Leigh


Ryan Grayson (with Serenity) vs Chris Ridgeway







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RESULTS from Era of Violence last night at The Globe Arena, Morecambe.


Ricky J McKenzie pinned Dangerous Damon Leigh


After the match 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey and 'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins attacked RJM and DDL at the behest of Greg 'The Truth' Lambert.


Bubblegum beat Mr Big Shaun Vasey by DQ in an unscheduled match. After the match Kollins laid out Bubblegum with the ASBO elbow.


Mad Man Manson battled Grado to a no contest after they had a game of football in the ring instead of actually wrestling. Grado saved a penalty from Manson. In the ring. Yes.

This brought out a furious Ryan Grayson and Chris Ridgeway and led to an impromptu tag.


Mad Man Manson and Grado defeated Ryan Grayson and Chris Ridgeway in a hilarious bout.


CJ Banks pinned El Ligero in a superb match.


Cyanide pinned 'Delicious' Danny Hope. Afterwards Hope joined forces with Grado and Mad Man Manson to eject Ryan Grayson from the ring after Grado and Manson took over The Morecambe Raffle. 


And in the main event, 'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins pinned Bubblegum to retain the PAID Promotions Wrestling Title in a gripping, hard-hitting and ultra heated match after Kollins' manager Greg Lambert absorbed a 619 to save 'The One Man Riot, who then recovered to hit the ASBO elbow.


Great show, biggest crowd yet at The Globe Arena and as hot a crowd as has been seen in Morecambe. The fans went MENTAL for Manson and Grado, Ligero's return, and the main event. 

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