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Having a bit of a clearout so there are some items available on ebay. Also, due to the fact there are only 20 free listings a month now available on ebay, I also have the following items that I am open to offers on -


Wrestling figures


Batista Limited Edition figure complete with bandages

Ruthless Aggression best of 2006 - Kurt Angle

Classic Superstars - Big John Studd




Big Bang Theory Series 1

Big Bang Theory Series 2

Big Bang Theory Series 4

The Best of RAW 15th anniversary

Wrestlefest 05 Question & Answer sessions

1PW Interrogation Series with Blue Meanie

Full Impact Pro - X Factor & Fall Out

Full Impact Pro - Fall Out Part 2

RF Video - Year in Review 2006 Part 4 Hardcore

Allied Powers - The Worlds Greatest Tag Teams

Full Impact Pro - Sold Out

Ultimate Insiders - The Hardy Boys


If anyone wants any further information on any of the items of photos of the figures, which are all mint in box, then please contact me :thumbsup:

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Few more items I have found while clearing out -


Best of WCW series figures :

Chris Benoit

Eddie Guerrero

Ric Flair


Classic Superstars

Sgt Slaughter


Series 10

Greg Valentine

Series 14

Sensational Sherri

Series 16

Sycho Sid

Series 19



New Years Revolution Series:



TNA Impact

AJ Styles figure



Samoa Joe figure


Entourage Series 1 DVD

Dexter Series 1 DVD

Supernatural Series 1 DVD

The Wire Series 1 DVD


Best of Smackdown 2009-10 DVD

Best of Raw 2009 DVD

TNA Knocked Out DVD

Mid South Reunion Q& A 2/10/07 featuring - Missy Hyatt, John Tatum, Buddy Rogers & Steve Williams DVD

1PW No Turning Back Fan Slam f/Up Close & Personal w/Bret Hart DVD

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