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WrestleForce presents Survival Sunday, February 23rd, Harlow Playhouse


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The Commando, triumphant from last October's explosive League of Champions tournament, faces the dynamic 'Party' Marty Scurll





In a 1st round match in the ongoing tournament to crown the 1st ever WF Tag Team Champions: the self declared upper class acts, The Lavelle Brothers, will take on the naughty northern lads Project Ego. Something tells us they're not going to like each other very much... What d'you reckon?



As of the time of writing, there are 2 days remaining in our competition to win 2 FREE tickets to Survival Sunday at the Harlow Playhouse. Simply like our Facebook page and share this picture on your time line to be automatically entered. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=736...e=1&theater



More announcements to be made in the coming days.


For tickets, locations and more details visit the Facebook event link at https://www.facebook.com/events/1432735196942807/

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Wrestleforce are gearing up to kick off this year with a bang at Survival Sunday! While you book your tickets at http://on.fb.me/1cS5owQ, we'll be spending the next few days looking back at twelve months of wrestling insanity, mainly in order to work out how the hell we got here...


Firstly, here's what went down at Title Wave last February - we suggest you fasten your seatbelts.


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Many thanks for your kind words and recommendation johnnyboy.


We have another match announcement for you all this morning.




Who could resist a pitched battle between Love, in the form of the fabulous Peace, and Hate? Hate being, unfortunately, The Warden - a nasty character who has been spotted ticketing vehicles in the Harlow area of late. Can Peace defeat the destroyer of vehicular freedom? There's only one way to find out, and that's getting your Survival Sunday tickets from http://on.fb.me/1cS5owQ - don't miss out!


Also, check out our website. We're still in the process of updating the roster page, but there's a write up of the last show at Harlow in the results section. www.wrestleforce.co.uk

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I can't recommend the WrestleForce shows enough. Really nicely produced, decent wrestlers and usually well paced with a big blow-off main event.


However, if Jynx is on the show and you don't like clowns you'll probably shit yourself. He's this Pierrot-esque court jester looking dude with jingly bells in his shoes. Utterly terrifying even if you're not clown-phobic. Genuinely sinister.

SPOILER - Highlight the black box to read

I didn't even realise who it was until it was pointed out to me. Unrecognisable.


SPOILER - Highlight the black box to read

Don't be a tease. Who is it??


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We are proud to announce that promising rookie 'Flex' Davis will have the honour of inducting our first Wrestleforce Legend at Survival Sunday! Veteran and newcomer will then be entering the 2014 Tag Team Tournament.


We've had a bunch of big names entertain you lot over the years: Charlie Haas, Steve Hannam, Domino, Sheamus O' Shaunessy, Paul Tyrell, Phil Dale, Steve Morocco... Who d'you reckon the first Legend will be? Feel free to have a guess while you order your tickets from http://on.fb.me/1cS5owQ - you never know, you could be on the money!

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After an amazing show, Wrestleforce was left in ruins as 'The Cult' invaded and managed to get Mr. Andrews signed to a WF contract. Here's what went down...



Opening video for Survival Sunday highlightening the events of League of Champions.




Results from: SURVIVAL SUNDAY 23.2.2014



Live attendance: 375



The show began with WrestleForce chairman Marc Marcus welcoming the crowd to the show and deliberating on weather or not to sign The Cult to WrestleForce contracts. As this was happening, a stagehand suddenly ran out and urgently informed him that Greg had been attacked.


Marc Marcus ran backstage as the titantron came on and the backstage cameras broadcast footage of Greg Burridge bloodied and unconcious as The 3 members of The Cult walked away.


A flustered Jake Pugh, WF's own commentator, took control of the situation and introduced the 1st match.



Match 1:


The Commando defeated Marty Scrull in a falls count anywhere match that went all around the theatre to retain the International Championship.



Backstage a panicked Marc Marcus checked on Greg and then found El Loco and K-ROD knocked out. The Magnums were suspiciously present which caused Marc to lay the blame on them for the attack. The Magnums denied any wrong doing and swore The Cult had carried out the attack. Having had his originally scheduled tag team for the tag tournament incapacitated, Marc was talked in to allowing The Magnums to re-enter the tournament despite having lost a 1st round match to The Whizz Kids at a live event in Tring. As Marc went in search of The Cult a sniggling Nick Riley brandished a pair of pink brass knuckles as the screen faded to black.


Match 2:


The Warden defeated Peace via submission and then wrote him out a ticket and stuck it on his back. Peace finds himself winless and with a losing record of 0-6



Match 3:


Project Ego defeated The Lavelle brothers to advance to the 2nd round of the tag tournament to crown the 1st ever WF Tag team Champions.





After the intermission Marc Marcus continued to come across The Cult's path of destruction as

he uncovered more and more of his staff laid out and injured backstage.


The 'American Muscle' Flex Davis came out to reveal that his mystery WF legend parter was.... Paul Tyrrell. Davis subsequently presented his partner with a plaque commemorating Tyrrell's induction in to the WF Legend's Elites. The following video was also played:




Match 4:


The Magnums defeated Wrestleforce Legend Paul Tyrrell & the 'American Muscle' Flex Davis to advance to the 2nd round of the WF Tag Team Tournament after hitting Flex Davis with the plaque while the ref was distracted trying to untie Chris Parker out of the ropes.



Marc Marcus came out to the stage so irate and overcome with emotion that he demanded The Cult come out! As soon as The Cult came out Marcus's fury turned to fear as the trio circled around him. But before a move was made, The WF Heavyweight Champion The Rage stormed out and entered the ring.


The Rage challenged all 3 of the Cult to a match and begged Marc Marcus to sign them so he could kick 'their wannabe Jedi asses.' Marc Marcus instead wisely offered The Rage a 1 on 1 non-title match with Mr. Andrews with the stipulation that if Mr. Andrews won he would be signed.



Match 5 and Main Event!:


Cult Member 'Mr Andrews' Defeated The Rage in a non title contract match. After a Tiombstone Piledriver on a chair.



After the match The Cult entered the ring. Flex Davis, Paul Tyrrell and The Commando ran out but The Cult managed to beat them down. Mason Reece grabbed Marc Marcus by the jacket and screamed at him to sign Mr. Andrews's contract. A visibly shaken Marc Marcus signed the contract and Mason Reece threw him to the ground. The Cult stood tall and strong amongst the carnage they had left behind as they saluted and chanted

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