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KAPOW First 3 Dates


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KAPOW - Kreative Alternative Professional Organised Wrestling...


... brings its form of colourful wrestling to Horsham, Portchester and London.



Horsham on August 10th at Roffey Millennium Hall



Featuring: Priscilla 'Queen of the Ring' vs. Kelly Kakarot


Infinity vs. 'Mr. Moonsault' Jake McCluskey - Dynamite Trophy Match



'Classic' Kris Kay vs. 'Trasman' Marcus Broome


El Technico Supremo vs. Max Motivate


and more...


Portchester on September 28th at Portchester Community Centre



Featuring: Priscilla vs. Chuck Cyrus



Infinity vs. Kelly Kakarot


'Prince of Mumbai' Rishi Ghosh vs. 'Trashman' Marcus Broome


and more....



London (south east) on October 20th


Featuring: Mexican Lucha Libre Star Cassandro El Exotico!



also featuring: Jonny Storm, Chuck Cyrus, Rishi Ghosh, Major Lee Buff, Infinity and many more!


check KAPOW on Facebook: www.facebook.com/kapowwrestlinguk


follow KAPOW on twitter: @teamKAPOWuk


Watch this space for more announcements and details soon!

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Looks like a very interesting promotion, I can see a lot of people liking all the gimmicks and everything but not sure if it's for everyone! Good luck with your shows guys!


You can't win 'em all... we are shooting for something different and you're right it may not be to everyone's tastes. Thank you for the kind words of support though.

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Looks interesting. I'll check it out if I can.


I heard Cassandro was going to work Lucha Britannia at the Bankside Vaults. He got on BBC news last time he was here. Hope he brings both promotions some exposure.

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In results from KAPOWs SOLD OUT debut show in Horsham:


'The Trashman' Marcus Broome defeated 'Veteran' Kris Kay in a battle of New School vs. Old School.


The League of Ordinary Gentlemen addressed the crowd with their statement that everything KAPOW is... they want to destroy. No more childish characters and silly gimmicks, The L.O.G want wrestling to return to black boots, black trunks and back to basics.


With assistance from a picket sign shot delivered by the L.O.G's Thomas Franklin to the top of General. E Massive's head the League was able to beat The B-Team. Mjr. Lee Buff vowed vengeance.


The first ever Dynamite Trophy Champion was crowned when Infinity beat 'Mr. Moonsault' Jake McCluskey in a very technical match.


When Kirstie Freeburn was announced the winner of a pose down contest between herself and Max Motivate, Max threw a fit and threatened to break Kirstie's neck. He was stopped by El Technico Supremo running out to make the save. The impromptu match ended after a little help from Kirstie and a second rope leg drop for the 3 count.


Priscilla 'Queen of the Ring' defeated 'Sonic-Boom' Kelly Kakarot in an explosive and thrilling back and forth match.


Mjr. Lee Buff eliminated all 3 members of the League of Ordinary Gentleman to win the main event Raging Rumble to a huge ovation from his hometown supporters.


Photos and footage can be seen online @ www.facebook.com/kapowwrestlinguk


September 28th will be KAPOWs Issue#2 in Portchester and is sure to top the last with amazing matches like 'Limit Breaker' Chuck Cyrus vs. Priscilla 'Queen of the Ring' and many more...

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KAPOW Issue#2 - September 28th - Portchester Community Centre


Things are ramping up between Priscilla 'Queen of the Ring' and 'Limit Breaker' Chuck Cyrus leading into their match at Issue#2. This promo from Issue#1 was released yesterday:




All the details for the show are featured above and be sure to subscribe to KAPOW's youtube channel as an exclusive 'Online Freeview' match from Issue#1 will be released later today!

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In results from Issue#2 (sold out) in Portchester...


El Technico Supremo once again reigned 'supreme' over Max Motivate but was then jumped by The League of Ordinary Gentlemen


The B-Team ran to make the save but unfortunately were once again victim to Steve Luthor's foul play as the L.O.G won the tag match.


What happened next was nothing short of awesome as Chuck Cyrus defeated Priscilla in a show stealing match that went over 30 minutes! Fast paced and thrilling action with many near falls until Cyrus finally won with his 'Cloud Cyrus' finisher.


'The Trashman' Marcus Broome interrupted 'The Prince of Mumbai' Rishi Ghosh's tea party then upset the prince again by scoring the win.


Infinity retained the Dynamite Trophy against 'Sonic Boom' Kelly Kakarot.


'Mr. Moonsault' Jake McCluskey went the distance and won the Raging Rumble main event. Chuck Cyrus told Priscilla and Rishi Ghosh (who formed a strange partnership in the rumble) that he and Jake would face them in a tag team match next time KAPOW is in Porthester (February).


Upcoming event: LONDON!












Twitter: @TeamKAPOWuk, Facebook.com/kapowwrestlinguk

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