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EVE: Emi Sakura Training Camp


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I'm looking at bringing Emi Sakura in again later in the year to run a 2-3 day training camp.


Obviously, it doesn't take a genius to figure out how beneficial this will be to EVERYONE who attends in terms of of improving their in ring ability and their career.


If you're going to ask WHERE this is happening as location is dependent on your attendance then don't bother because this is for people who in my opinion are dedicated, not for people who only take advantage of what's on offer when it's in their back garden. That may sound harsh but if you want something bad enough then you'll find a way and hearing "If this was only a bit closer then...." when its somebody coming in from Japan to do this, it's a bit a of a piss take in my opinion as you can't actually be that fussed about it.


Cost is dependent upon the amount of people that take the course.


If this is something that interests you then please let me know by emailing prowrestlingeve@gmail.com with Emi Sakura Camp as the subject and including details of your experience level (if any) and you'll be kept informed.


If you've never seen Emi Sakura before then I recommend the following play list:Emi Sakura Match Playlist


Many thanks

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If I had any inkling to go to something like this Emi would be top choice! Having seen her in the ring and met her, humble yet inspiring. It would be bloody ace! Hamada vs Sakura is always a pleasure to watch and all!

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