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The debut of DOA had to be delayed due to personal reasons but finally DOA will launch with its first show DOA:I on Friday 31st May 2013 at the Southgate Centre in Bury St Edmunds. 7 matches have been announced for the show and it looks to be a stacked card as we will determine who will be the first ever DOA Heavyweight Champion and also the first 2 Adrenaline Cup quarter final matches.




The main event of the first DOA show will see 3 men hand picked by the AIWF compete for the chance to make history and become the first ever DOA Heavyweight Champion. The first man entered in none other than 'The Highlight' Zak Knight. A member of the famous Knight family dynasty and famous for competing all over the UK. He has spent the last few years teaming successfully with his brother the Zebra Kid Roy Knight as the Hooligans and won the RQW European Tag Team Championships in his home promotion WAW. Zak and Roy were stripped of those championships recently and have since begun to focus on singles competition more as they are banned from competing together in WAW. As a result Roy recently became the WAW World Heavyweight Champion and now Zak looks to solidyfy himself as a singles star by becoming the DOA Heavyweight Champion. One of his opponents is one half of the Army of 2, the current reigning RQW European Tag Team Champions and one of the most physically impressive stars in the UK, The Lion Aaron Sharp. Looking to break out and prove himself further afield, Sharp is setting his sights on a massive title victory and could even find himself with 3 championships should he add the DOA Heavyweight title and the WAW European championship to his collection as he currently leads in a best of 5 series against current WAW European Champion Aron Frost. Can The Lion tear through DOA and add more gold to his waist? And the final man in the match is the current This Is Wrestling Champion the One Man Massacre Bam Bam Barton. A hard hitting star that has been impressive in TIW and is a regular for the House of Pain promotion. Can Barton step up once again and establish himself as a top heavyweight in the UK? Who will become the DOA Heavyweight Champion and stand on top of the DOA mountain?




The Adrenaline Cup is set to be a massive part of DOA and the first round matches will kick off on May 31st with the current favourite Loco Mike Mason taking on Skyhawk. Mike Mason has made it clear that he fully intends to make a statement by winning the Adrenaline Cup and ruling over the division with his wife Rebecca Mason by his side throughout. His opponent is Skyhawk, a man that has competed under different names but now enters DOA with a change in attitude and a change of persona, all in the hope of putting it all together and advancing past the Cruiser-weight Monster. This match should set the tone for a great tournament ahead.




The second quarter final match in the Adrenaline Cup will see LCW Champion and former House of Pain Champion The Heat LJ Heron take on the current BOBW Champion Inferno Dragon. This match is a huge chance for both men to prove a point in DOA. Heron has been active on social media claiming that he is the Dragon Slayer and he believes himself to be the only man capable of winning the Cup and becoming DOA Adrenaline Division Champion. Will Heron slay the Dragon or will the Inferno rage through to the Semi finals?




In the tag team contest for DOA:I the longtime WAW fan favourites Special Edition will be taking on the recently forming Battle Squad: Awesome. The team of Kip Sabian and Brad Slayer have been tearing it up in WAW for a good few years and have established themselves as the top young tag team in the east of england but now they want to branch out and makes a name for themselves in more promotions, including DOA. Their opponents recently formed out of the House of Pain promotion and have put on great showings since becoming a pair, including a solid showing in Southside against the promotions tag champs The Preditors. Both teams want to put themselves in line for a future shot at becoming the DOA tag champions and both are at a stage in their career that every win counts as they build reputations across the UK.




The outspoken Richard Parliament has voiced his displeasure at being placed into a match against Priscilla as he feels uncomfortable being in the ring with the excentric Queen of the Ring. But the DOA match makers have already signed the papers and Parliament will just have to get on with it and get the job done as he looks to make an impact. He is already annoyed at not being placed in the Heavyweight championship match so will be in a foul mood on May 31st.




The fantastic female talent Rebecca Mason has decided after seeing her husband Mike Mason gain entry in the Adrenaline Cup that she wanted a piece of the action and therefore has issued an open challenge to any woman in the UK to face her at DOA:I. Rumours have circulated recently regarding what women will make up the new DOA Sirens division and Rebecca Mason has made it clear that she intends to be the original DOA Siren and challenged anyone with the "Breasticular Fortitude" to try and prove her wrong. Who will step up to the challenge?




And the last match on the list will see the unknown to most masked wrestler Pedro Segundo face off against the impressive heavyweight Karl Atlas. Many are saying that Segundo is the underdog in this match but with many not knowing much about Segundo he may have the element of unknown and may cause a suprise upset victory. On the other hand it will be difficult for him to counter the massive power advantage possessed by the Iron Hulk!






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Curious as to why you’re displaying the AIWF logo when—from their website—their very first condition of acceptance is:


You must have run at least 6 months and 4 shows before we will accept you as a member.

…and this is your debut event.

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You've clearly pinched some WAW's finest talents; which alone will booster the outcome of your show quality. However you've booked Zak Knight and left off his brother/partner; Zebra Kid, booked Aaron Sharp and left off his partner; Scott Fusion - two of which are huge talents and two amazing tag teams that could have boosted your card further or been involved.

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Aaron Sharp has been wrestling alot of singles matches in WAW lately and has been a serious contender to the WAW European championship and he has impressed in that series of matches which is why I booked him solo. As for Zak and Zebra Kid. With Zebra recently winning the WAW World title I decided to give Zak the chance to win a singles title of his own. I can confirm that Zebra Kid has been booked for a future DOA show but I cant confirm more than that right now.

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