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wrestling video tapes


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im in the process of sorting out all my dvds. well i found a box with some tapes and then found some more in this old of set video tapes draws. as far as i know they all work not sure of quality. and were all taped of sky.


1 tna - no surrender 2005 twc version

2 wrestlemania 6 - this only gos up to rick rude vs snuka (tape ran out)

3 best of starcade 83 to 87

4 vengence 2003

5 royal ruble / no way out 2003

6 judgement day 2003

7 wrestle mana xix 2 tapes

8 no mercy 2002

9 judgement day 2002

10 summerslam 95

11 great american bash 04

12 survivor series 2001

13 taboo tuesday

14 no mercy 2003

15 unforgiven 04

16 no mercy 04 with smackdown

17 rebellion 2001

18 armageddon 2003

19 inseurrextion 2003

20 vengeance 2001

21 unforgiven 2003

22 bad blood 03

23 backlash 2003

24 rebellion 2002

25 vengeance 2003

26 vengeance 2002

27 vengeance 2004


not sure if there is much call for these but i dont need them. but if you are intrested all i ask is for like with the summer slam ppv i get a copy on dvd let me know.



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best of starcade 83 to 87 please what would you like for it?


wrestlemania 6 - this only gos up to rick rude vs snuka (does this have the countdown show?)



wrestlemania 6 as i recall starts when koko b ware arrives ringside for his match against martell so no countdown show and if you want them you can have them as you only want 2 so you can have them for free. but im going to get someone to copy me starcade on dvd then ill send it to you. youll have to sort out p&p


also i found wrestlemania 18 if any one wants it otherwise i throwing them out.

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your giving the tapes away for free?


it someone wants the lot and pays the p&p cost for them fine. ill give them away but other than that im throwing them out. im getting a copy of of best of starcade on dvd and these are not origanals there are sky ppvs copys. ill have these till friday morning then im chucking them.

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