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Pick the 3 tunes that evoke the best that music can from you, and why.



. This to me is a story in a song. The lyrics are a work of pure art. Leonard Cohen is a true poet, who used the tribulations of relationships and love to craft perfect lyrics. Jeff Buckley took this work of art and shot it to another level. Without the OTT drama of other covers of this song, he turns it into a heart-wrenching experience. Genius. Found another cover of this great song
. Very similar to Jeffs version, but this girls voice makes it a different expreience once again.


2. You Shook Me All Night Long, ACDC. The greatest Rock and Roll record of all time. It takes all the best rock has to offer, and condences it into an ass-kicking feelgood track that never fails to get my blood pumping. Raunchy lyrics, amazing riffs, Brian Johnson's unique wailing and the overall fun of the piece always lifts my spirits.



. Fell onto this one in my early 20's completely by accident. Anyone who knows me is completely surprised by this choice. Had heard it before, but not really paid much attention to it as it was really an old farts song. Had a few discs in my CD player (posh 5 disk one), and had forgotton that my Dad had been using it. Doing my usual headphones on in a dark room bit, and had the playet on random selection. GnR, Alice Cooper, ACDC etc had been blaring out for an hour or so, then this came on. Never had felt more chilled out in my life. The gentleness of the horns, and the way they just flawlessly sweep through the song never fails to help soothe the problems of the day away. The fact that it was the last record that many couples had together before being seperated by the war, many to never be reunited adds another level of poignancy. Best listened to in the dark.


Your turn.

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