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NGW Eternal Glory, Saturday 8th Dec; Eastmount Centre, Hull


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  • 2 weeks later...


After weaselling himself a count out victory at Full Force, "The Showstealer" Nathan Cruz thought he had seen the last of former bodyguard Colossus Kennedy. But Richie West, former manager of Cruz Enterprises, soon put a spanner in the works. He informed Cruz that the mystery GM of NGW had not only made the rematch between Nathan Cruz and Colossus Kennedy for Eternal Glory 2012, but had asked Richie West to be the special guest referee!


Even though it is clear he is no longer associated with either man, he has promised to call this match straight down the middle. In the heat of the moment, will he be able to stick to his promise? Will he favour one man over the other? And more importantly, what will happen to Nathan Cruz when there is no where else to run from the monstrous Colossus Kennedy?


Only way to find out is to be there on Saturday December 8th at the Eastmount Centre! Our bigger Eastmount shows have sold out in the past, and it doesn't get any bigger then this

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These went one on one in what was a last minute booked match at the 4th Anniversary Show in what was a match requested by Haskins himself. Fans who knew both competitors knew it would be a good match, but not many expected the heat and intensity that it produced.


It seemed that TNA & Dragongate star Haskins had taken exception to Matt Myers' seemingly quick rise to fame, from a virtual unknown t

o the NGW Championship. Perhaps Haskins was jealous of the attention that Myers recieved in NGW...perhaps the type that Haskins expected? He took Myers to the limit but what will have really rubbed salt into the wounds is that on the night Myers came out victorious.


It was then at NGW's debut at the Sports Arena that Haskins came out to observe Myers complete another victory on the big stage. Haskins told Myers he felt that two needed to meet again at some point in NGW's future in what seemed at least a small sign of respect but before leaving, Haskins gave Myers a cheap shot. Interestingly, as NGW match matchmakers tried to put the singles contest together that many NGW fans were actively asking for, Haskins suddenly became unavailable for a while, using the excuse that 'he needed to keep himself available for the sake of 'his big contract'.


The two were in the same building at Full Force last month for the first time but Myers had his rematch for his lost NGW Championship against Rampage Brown. Ever the opportunist, Haskins took the opportunity to take the upper hand and cost Myers his rematch.


Finally the two will go at it once again. Will Haskins diversion tactics backfire as Myers is furious at loving his opportunity to regain NGW gold? Or will Haskins mind games and cheap shots put him in the driving seat on December 8th?

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At the start of the year Caz Crash was someone with huge potential coming out of the NGW Academy. But Caz felt he wasn't getting the recognition he deserved and felt that the tag of 'trainee' wasn't befitting a man of his abilities.


At the time Kirby wasn't having the most successful of runs in terms of a win/loss record despite being one of the very best performers in the country and putting on

very impressive displays in every match. Caz saw this weakness and struck stating that he should have the roster spot that Kirby was wasting. Following unprovoked attacks (verbal and physical), the NGW Academy member finally managed to goad Kirby into putting his roster spot on the line at the 4th Anniversary Show. Caz, showing shrewd skills beyond his experience, invested in a little help from other Academy members (who also believed they were better than the regular NGW 'Proving Ground' Academy shows and deserved more) and managed to get the win, meaning Martin Kirby was off the NGW roster.


The group, now known as The Proven, have since made a point of trying to show the people who doubt them that they deserve full acknowledgement as members of the NGW roster. With a big chip on his shoulder, Caz is fed up of being told he got lucky against Kirby and when Kirby was in the crowd, watching as a fan at SSB 5 in August, Caz continued to goad him and slapped him. When Kirby tried to retaliate, the rest of The Proven (Scott Adams & Sam Wilder) jumped him and Caz revealed that he had clearance from the General Manager to get Kirby in the ring once again to prove it wasn't just a fluke.


Many are questioning Caz's motives. Why would he not leave it be when he'd clearly got what he wanted? Is Caz's ego really that big? Will the experienced Kirby make sure lightning doesn't strike twice?


Reserve your seats and find out on Saturday December 8th: http://www.ngwuk.com/shop/event-tickets

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According to their Facebook page NGW is taking about 3 months off promoting shows in Hull so maybe they're just spreading their wings a bit and the Rampage promo is a catalyst for that. 'Our champion wont come to the Eastmount Centre so we'll book shows elsewhere'. etc etc.I hope they dont ditch Eastmount completely as it's a good little building for wrestling in my opinion.

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Stixx returns following his defeat to Rampage Brown last month in his shot at the NGW Championship. He was incredibly passionate about wanting to be the NGW Champion and represent the company and the fans in the right way and he is understandably crushed following the outcome of the main event at Ultimate Showdown after giving it his everything. The unforgiving Bam Bam Barton will be looking to ma

ke things even worse for the Heavyweight House of Pain on his return to the NGW.


Will Stixx be able to immediately get back to winning ways? Or will the disappointment be too much?

What will his opinion be on Rampage Brown's revelations that he refuses to step back into the Eastmount with the NGW title?

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