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Well that time of year is upon us again but with a difference..This December marks the tenth year anniversary of British Championship Wrestling and what a ten years it has been.We have brought u such names as Mick Foley,Marty Jannetty,Raven,The Honky Tonk Man,Colt Cabana,Chris hero,Paul London,D,lo Brown,Misawa and more recently Kevin Nash and only a few years ago witnessed the signing of Drew Galloway to WWE.


This December we had Planned to bring you John Morrison but recent events within the company which lead to a change in ownership meant we sadly couldnt fulfill previous managements commitments to you no matter how hard we tried.


Putting this all behind us and moving forward we have been working round the clock to make this event the best we have ever put on and with Pro wrestling Elites massive double header in Sep and Premier British Wrestlings Maximum Impact in November we are looking forward to ending the year on probibly the best ever year in Scottish history.. On Friday 7th December in Kilmarnock Grand Hall And Sat 8th December in Ballerup Hall East Kilbride we bring you ....


No Blood,No Sympathy 10


I am exited and proud to have reached ten years and can only thank not only the wrestlers for giving ten years of amazing action but you the fans because without you guys coming to support BCW and paying your hard earned money we wouldnt have reached the point where we are today..so from the bottom of my heart thank you.




I am going to take this opportunity to express my frustration at receiving an email from Red Lightning a man i havent seen or heard from since February simply saying


" I hope you have plans to give me a match at this years No Blood,No Sympathy after all i have been with you since the doors of BCW opened so you owe me for making the company what it is today "


Well Red i think theres a lot more people involved in making the company what it is today but i do find your attitude insulting but respect you for being straight to the point so if you want a match i will give you a match and it will be the biggest match you have ever had in BCW history as since receiving your e-mail i have arranged for a friend of mine to come over from America that is very much looking forward to meeting you and no matter how cocky and talented you may be i think this special superstar might be able to give you a run for your money :)


All will be Revealed this Monday so keep checking back for this announcement and event details as they become available.


BCW Management

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Jeezo, ten fuckin years. My first BCW shows was the Corino show, in 2004 I think. I went to every show till about 2007 or so, and have went off and on since then.


I'll really try to make this, but have lost touch with scottish wrestlin so would like to se a big attraction or 2. It would be good to see old regulars back seeing as it's 10 years, like Iceman.

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