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*UPDATED* WWF Promo Photo webpage up and running! Have a look!

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After spending around six hours or so, I one-by-one scanned in most of my WWF Promo Photos at the weekend, then uploaded to my web page and wrote out all the descriptions.


It's now up and running and I just thought I would share with everyone.


These are official promos I have collected over a period of about 7-8 years, and it's cost me hundreds and hundreds of dollars to put it together, and I still have some I am in need of.


The address is: http://imageevent.com/perfecthitman


Obviously Bret and Shawn are my two priorities and it's my goal to eventually have all promos for both of them, but I have loads more other WWF promo photos of other wrestlers (other than Bret and Shawn which is all I have up just now), but it took so long to upload the first lot that I just haven't gotten round to doing the others yet, but I'll be updating the site all the time so keep checking back for updates.


Anyways, I don't know if anyone else collects WWF Promos, but either way, enjoy!

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