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Kendo Nagasaki invites his fans to ringside!

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On Sunday 22nd July 2012 British Wrestling Legend Kendo Nagasaki will be making a very rare public appearance for New Generation Wrestling at the Bonus Arena in Hull, East Yorkshire. He has been invited to appear to recieve an award for his "Services & Contributions to British Wrestling".


The management team of Nagasaki have invited any of his fans who wish to attend this show, A once in a lifetime opportunity to accompany him to ringside to recieve this award. This is a genuine & unique gesture that has no hidden costs. Anyone who would like to take advantage of this invitation are welcome to email me at bwl1967@bwl1967.karoo.co.uk Entitled "Mayhem & Mystery". I look forward to hearing from all you Old School grappling fans :thumbsup:

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