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Its with regret that I must part with this collection, I've owned these for around 10 years and reckon it's time they went. Plus I could use the money.


All on english cards and in good condition. Few blemishes here and there which will be discussed in detail should I get any interest.


I'm looking for around the

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Thanks. I love them to death personally but needs must. from memory i think all thats missing is


shawn michaels 3 and 4

giant gonzales

luke 2

butch 2

brutus 2

warrior 3

crush 3

ludvig borga

bart gunn

ted dibiase 2

tatanka 2



Michael Scarn, (love that name btw) I'm not right now but that may change if i dont get any interest in the full collection. I've had 1 person interested just through this so might put it on ebay. would really rather keep everything together. But thanks for the question.

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Series 10 re-release with black pants its just a repaint but very rare to come by


Yeah, that was the 3rd.


There was the Rockers figure. Then the figure with white and red tights, and finally, the rarer one with black and silver tights.


What he said.

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Seem to recall seeing pictures of a rare Shawn figure that had the white and red tights but a different special move. It was the spring coiled right-hand punch, like Jake Roberts, instead of the Rick Martel style slam.


It must have been a prototype that was just used for advertising.


I remember that Michaels figure being in the big two page advert in WWF Magazine back in the day (with all the new figures pictured) and being mildly annoyed when the version that turned up in the shops was the "double axe-handle" version.

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There is a Rockers Shawn, a yellow card Shawn and 2 Blue card Shawns. Why I dont know cause apart from the Rockers one they are all the same figure just different paint. Similar to having 3 Razor Ramons which are all available in my lovely set. which has also just been listed on ebay here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=110896340392

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