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Real life Alan Partridge pitches


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Watch this a few times and its trashy fun

Hosts Josh Lewis and Tom DeTone are repo men. Their function is to pose a series of trivia questions to actual owners of vehicles in danger of being repossessed; failing that, they repossess the vehicle.

The game takes place in the driveway of the vehicle owner (or wherever the vehicle is parked). The vehicle is hooked up to a tow truck, and the owner is given a chance to win it back by answering five general-knowledge trivia questions. If the owner can answer three questions correctly, the vehicle is removed from the tow truck and the owner gets it back, with all delinquent payments and any outstanding loan balance paid off by the show. If not, the tow truck drives away with the vehicle. The first series of episodes were filmed in Phoenix, AZ and Dallas, Texas. Some 80 vehicle owners took part in the show

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I know in fact that Cooking In Prison WAS made into a BBC1 programme.


Extreme Couponing:

Families of scaffy bastards spend every waking moment trawling for discounts on useless shite they don't need in an effort to save money. The irony of having to buy a 10 grand customised tin rack to hold you 78 tins of pears because you're trying to save cash is lost on these people. Quite how they can get 600 dollars worth of stuff for 9 quid through coupons alone is beyond me, but these people do pay the ultimate price: Being a miserable, boring cunt that you would cross the street to avoid.


Discovery Channel I think it was?

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