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Firefox problem

King Pitcos

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Strange problem has started with my Firefox tonight. When I open a new tab, it kind of hangs. I can't enter a URL, I can't enter any text in a Google search etc. For example, when clicking on the new topic thing to create this, it took about a minute before it would let me enter any text. It doesn't do any of the Program Not Responding stuff, cursor doesn't turn to an egg timer or anything, and it's fine in Task Manager (no CPU usage spikes, no unusual memory usage, no "Not Responding" status).


It must be related to either java (UKFFChat) or the Anchorfree Hotspot Shield I was using earlier to watch Hulu.


I've restarted the computer, cleared cache, done scans for rootkits and baddies, and uninstalled and reinstalled Java. It's still going on.


Any ideas on how to fix it?

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