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IPW:UK Live Event DVDs - the only place to buy them is here!

Daniel Edler

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Due to a technical error on our website, here is the absolute only place to purchase IPW DVDs at the moment! Very simple, each product is 9.99, buy 4 get the 5th free, all via PayPal to danieledler@hotmail.com - be sure to include what DVDs you want in your order description. Here's the list of our DVDs for sale, at this moment:


DVD: Extreme Measures 2004

DVD: Best of British 1

DVD: Best of British 2

DVD: Weekend Champions Night 1

DVD: Weekend Champions Night 2

DVD: Extreme Measures 2

DVD: 1st Anniversary Show

DVD: Brawl @ The Hall 2005

DVD: No Escape 2006

DVD: Taste Of IPW

DVD: Unfinished Business 2006


DVD: Monday Night Madness

DVD: HotWired 2006

DVD: Extreme Measures 2006

DVD: Christmas Cracker - Swanley

DVD: Final Frontiers

DVD: King Europe Afternoon Night 2

DVD: The June Show

DVD: Unfinished Business 2007

DVD: Sittingbourne Debut

DVD: Summers Time

DVD: 3rd Anniversary Night 1

DVD: 3rd Anniversary Night 2

DVD: Royale Rewards 2008

DVD: When Thunder Strikes

DVD: Bognor w/ Scotty 2 Hotty

DVD: Broxbourne w/ Scotty 2 Hotty

DVD: British National Finale

DVD: Future #1

DVD: Extreme Measures 2009


For full card information you can check out the results page on the website, or ask here for a non-spoiler event listing :).


There are other DVDs on sale at our live events, but these are out of stock at the moment, so i'm just listing the DVDs we currently have stock of.

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