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New Scene Wrestling Presents....... XTREME LIMITS TODAY


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New Scene Wrestling IS BACK @ Aston University...


After a crazy show @ Aston University ..

We are back and this show is going be XTREME LIMITS...


We have a hardcore match and DEATH match already confirmed and also 2 triple threats matches with 6 of the most talented professional wrestling athletes in the country.

So you know what thats means ... XTREME LIMITS....


Aston Students Guild

Aston University

Aston Triangle


B4 7ET


TICKETS - Front Row:

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I think I'm gonna bring along a load of mates for this, should be fun.


One thing though - I was at the last show at Aston Uni, would it be possible to suggest turning the speakers down a tad for entrance music? It was literally deafeningly loud, and I couldn't see any reason for it. Cheers!

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