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SWA: Target Zero - Sat 26th November - St.Bride's Hall, Motherwell


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As the SWA year comes to a close, the events of our chaotic year will come to a head in a huge double header! And where better to finish the year than at Motherwell, where we had over 250 fans in attendance in August!


SWA owner Peter Murphy has had one hell of a change of heart as of late. At Point of Origin, he challenged his "Originals" to not only carry out their business fairly, but if they lost two matches in a row, they would be fired! This has caused unrest among the "Originals", but it has given the "New Line" a renewed lease... of life in the SWA. However, what exactly is Peter Murphy's intentions throughout all of this?


The first match Murphy announced would cause massive waves among the Motherwell fans as it would pit Motherwell's own John "The Bomb" Graham and his tag partner Nathan Black, the tag team known as the Weapons of Mass Destruction, against the Tag Team Champions Adam Shame and Eric Canyon. This match would be for the belts, but only if "The Bomb" can defeat Eric Canyon the very night before in Govan!


This will be a massive match up. The WMD's both stand over 6 feet tall and weigh over 260lbs of solid muscle. They are super powerful, yet surprisingly agile. They have destroyed every challenge put in front of them as of late, and have their sights fully focused on the SWA Tag Team Titles.


But it won't be a cakewalk, as their two opponents have held the Heavyweight Title 5 times between them and have downed some of the biggest names in the British Wrestling industry. Adam Shame and Eric Canyon have over 20 years experience between them and are well versed on how to manipulate the rules to their advantage...but the question remains, can they co-exist long enough to defeat the monsters of Scottish wrestling, the WMDs??


Over the last few months, Damian O'Connor has made demands to SWA owner Peter Murphy for better and more varied competition as he strives to become the very best he can be. Murphy agreed but stated that its now time for O'Connor to stop talking and prove that he deserves the opportunities that have elluded him thus far.


O'Connor took to the task and picked up a massive victory at Point of Origin when he defeated one of the biggest names in European wrestling today "Lord of the Manor" Paul Tracey in an enthralling contest that could have gone either way.


The next challenge for O'Connor, is one of the most talked about stars in Britain today. A man who has made a name for himself by mixing his technical wrestling prowess with hefty amounts of Mixed Martial Arts training. A man who has taken on the very best in the world. Making his debut in Scotland, Manchester's own, Jack Gallagher.


This match will pitt two technical, strong style wrestlers against one another, and should provide one hell of an exciting battle to the Motherwell fans!


Card as it stands so far!:


SWA Tag Team Titles - (if John "The Bomb" Graham defeats Eric Canyon in Govan)

The Weapons of Mass Destruction - John "The Bomb" Graham & Nathan Black vs. A+E - Adam Shame and Eric Canyon


Damian O'Connor vs. Jack Gallagher


Expect to see SWA Stars such as NWA Scottish Champion Andy Anderson, Nikki Storm, CJ Hunter and many more!


More details to be announced soon.



SWA: Target Zero

St. Bride's Hall, Motherwell

Coursington Road

Tickets will be available on the night priced at:


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Rookie sensation Lewis Girvan has made waves in Source over the past 2 years. With a high profile feud with Glen Dunbar and matches recently with Scott Renwick, James Scott and Eric Canyon have really helped Girvan absorb the experience required to begin picking up the bigger victories. In recent months Girvan has been training hard at the Source Wrestling School with Damian O'Connor and new SWS trainer Mikey Whiplash and feels that he may be ready to take a massive step forward in SWA by making a challenge to current T-Division Champion CJ Hunter.


Hunter is a Scottish scene veteran, having wrestled all over the country for the past 8 years. His flashy, innovative offense makes him almost unpredictable and thus he's seen success in almost every company he's competed. What makes Hunter even more credible is the fact that he has "The Originals" group behind him.


Girvan will have to summon all the techniques he has acquired in his 3 years of training in order to topple the experienced and wily Hunter. This could very well be a coming of age for the Renfrewshire youngster.


The card so far:


Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nathan Black and John "The Bomb" Graham) vs. Adam Shame and Eric Canyon


Damian O'Connor vs. Jack Gallagher


CJ Hunter vs. Lewis Girvan



With Erin Angel, Dickie Divers, Falcon and more still to be announced!



Tickets will be available on the night priced at:


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Lewis indeed debuted at Battlezone 2009!


News just in! With the fall out of Trial by Fire, its become clear that John "The Bomb" Graham and Nathan Black WILL have their Tag Team Title shot against current Champions, "The Originals" Eric Canyon and Adam Shame. This has added one hell of a spice to the proceedings! Can the Weapons of Mass Destruction lift tag gold, or will the Originals prove themselves once more to their doubting leader Peter Murphy?


Also in her typical disgusting fashion, Nikki Storm interfered during Erin Angel's post match celebration after victory over Vyper! Storm aggressively attacked Angel from behind, flooring the debuting star! When Erin came to, she made the challenge for a one on one match with Storm tonight in Motherwell!!! This has set up a potential cracker for the fans in St. Bride's Hall!!!!!


After Andy Anderson defeated Falcon to retain his Scottish Heavyweight Title, Anderson wanted it to be known that he's a fighting Champion and will take on all challengers! This of course is music to SWA's ears and thus the SWA committee has put forward Andy's next challenge for tonight in Motherwell.


After a big victory over former Champion Scott Renwick in Uddingston, and an impressive victory over the on-fire Dickie Divers in Govan, Jackie Polo will be trying his hand at downing the enigmatic young man. This will be a massive test for Anderson, as Polo has been in heavy training, putting himself forward for any opportunity. He's hungry, and uber confident. Could we see a title change on our 100th show????



SWA Tag Team Championship

Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nathan Black and John "The Bomb" Graham) vs. Adam Shame and Eric Canyon

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Nikki Storm working heel sounds interesting, I've only ever seen her work as a Mickie James style face.


Whose in the 'originals'? I'd guess , Shame, Canyon, CJ Hunter from the lineup plus maybe Micken, Barry Miller, Falcon, Glen Dunbar?


anyone from the first show/first year really


Eyes peeled for a run in from Saltire, David Russell and Aidan Corrigan then....


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