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The Insane Championship Wrestling Thread


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Hi guys,


After the madness I witnessed on Sunday, I felt that I should maybe take the initiative to give ICW it's own thread here on the UKFF. I've been attending these shows since it's inception, and have seen the promotion grow from strength to strength show after show. Appreciating that fact that the ICW shows have their own threads in the UK forum, I felt that we could maybe discuss the latest events in here, share our favourite ICW moments and characters and just more general chit chat in here. And of course with the recent TV deal being announced we can cover the TV shows in here.


Also will give the guys a chance who dont know much about ICW to learn a bit, as i guess not everyone checks the UK events forum or whatever.


I have been gripped by ICW for quite some time. The Gold Label vs ICW storyline has been seamless so far and seems to really be coming to a head now. All of the guys involved have really shone through and proved themselves as workers in my opinion. Some guys like Lionheart, Wolfgang, BT Gunn did't need it but it's excelled guys like Red Lightning, Kid Fite and Chris Renfrew. The effort the roster give on every show is phenomenal. I couldn't believe how amazing the street fight was and everyone went over and above to ensure the fans wet home happy.


Anyone got any good ICW links to good matches or historic moments?

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I suppose if VPW and UKW can get their threads, then so can ICW seeing as they have the same sort of deal.




LOADS of stuff can be found there, including some full shows in the form of the BRAW and Online episodes.


No idea where some of the newer videos are. Pretty sure the full Nevermind the Baws show has disappeared into oblivion. Monday Night BRAW Season 2 can be found on iTunes though.

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Personally I feel that ICW is just a good alternative product out there. Alot of the character, stories etc are quite unique which these days is a rarity. I still don't think alot of fans on the whole have seen or heard of ICW and the shows always get incredible feedback from those who do post reviews and the live reactions are up there with anything. So felt like we should get talking and spread the joy :-D

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Got a wee visit from the police today. Kinda bricked it when they showed up but they turned out to be very nice and sat and watched the main event with me.


Just told me in future if we have anything spill out onto a main road of a city center they must have prior knowladge. For a minute i thought they would have taken the footage but that wasnt the case, thank god. :)


Alot of fancam footage from the show after the ring breaking has popped up on youtube:


Fan vid with review then the action starts at 4mins 30secs in





If i was to sit here and write down all my highlights in ICW's 5 year history it would take me forever.

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The match above is where i realised how mental ICW really was and how much of a connection they actually had with fans. The 2nd part of the video is literally insane. lots of run ins, twists etc. The fans are on their feet by the end. everyone is steaming lol.


Also the classic grand show for me was amazing. The streetfight n that show was mad and the reactions from the fans were again awesome. It's good that ICW have kidna made the Glasgow Streetfigth their gimmick match, and they never fail to deliver

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No were getting off with a warning.


OK a handfull just off the top of my head are Drew McIntyre and James Scott attacking Alan Grogan with a dildo, the Glasgow Street Fight in 2007 with Red and Wolfgang that ended when Wolfie slingshotted Red into the shutters of costcutters, the 4 way dance when BT Gunn bet Wolfie, Liam Thomson and Johnny Moss to become Heavyweight Champ, William Grange and The Wee Man's rap off, the birth and rise of The Bucky Boys, having to turn people away from Maryhill so mcuh that we had to move to the city center, the return from a broken back of James Scott when he stole the title, the 8 man street Fight at the Classic Grand were we had to turn 150+ people away, the entire roster attacking The Gold Label at SummerBam and last Sundays entire show :)


There is tons more but those are the first ones that came to mind.

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yeah i forgot about the beatdwon of the Gold Label at the last show. Really the story has been building for 2 whole years and all of the fans have followed it both online and live in person and you can feel a real connection to it which in my pinion is something that is virtually unheard of in wrestling today let alone british wrestling. ICW still havent rushed the payoff even after all this time.


The Bucky Boys are tremendous characters and they have the pure wrestling thing sorted with Andy Wild and Liam. Would really like to see both these guys move into the Zero G division and really push that division as the pure wrsetlign division of the company.

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That'd be one of the top moments for me, others would be...


* First show's Glasgow Street Fight: For all of the wrong reasons. Shit match started with a light tube fired off of the back of a guy's napper and glass goes all over the crowd. Lightning let us know that it "ripped a wee lassie's face clean off."


* Ass chops from Darkside back in them days. He wasn't always a cunt you know. On a similar note, the wheel of cheese ass chop and the dildo on the same night.


* Adam "Cunt" Shame vs. Jack Jester: The most violent match I had seen live to that point and a sign of what made ICW that something different.


* Johnny Moss debuts: What a mark he left on the ICW fans. He had a small band of supporters, and by the end of his run in the match, the fans were chanting his name.


* James Scott not only returns, but joins The Gold Label. Nuff said.


* Getting kicked in the face by Vinnie James.


* The Wee Man gets his first pinfall in ICW.


* James Scott takes the Tombstone off of the middle rope into the unbreakable table filled with drawing pins.


* Divers flying off of the upstairs bar in the Classic Grand onto the Bucky Boys, and the unreal spotfest that occured in that match.


* The teabagging at the end of SummerBam and the control going back to Mark Dallas.


* Bad Bones appears at Fear and Loathing and fucking MURDERS Christopher.


* Standing in the middle of the Apollo 23 dancefloor at the end of the six man street fight and thinking "what the fuck just happened in here?!"


There's a bunch of standout moments, good and bad.

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not really, at that time i felt that the shows were pretty baws. the ref thing/no dq/no count outs meant that every single match was a brawl or whatever. i think ICW is more about the engagement of the fans now and it's all about the drama. some of the actual wrestling on the show is sublime. i feel if we still had the anything goes rules, alot of that would be lost cos the guys would be too busy trying to outdo each other with mad crazy stuff.


Also, how good is Mossy in ICW? He is over like rover.

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