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HP pull plug on Tablet Computers


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I thought someone out there might find this interesting. It's all here


After searching round a few forums, i can't see the offer is out in the UK yet and sites such as Amazon are still listing them at full price but it can't before the sale hits our shores. Considering they're usually

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Damn it. Well, keeping an eye to see if Amazon drops the price.

They did, then they sold out. Amazon's currently supply is from third parties who haven't dropped the price.


Dabs followed suit this morning. Doxons, Currys, Pc World, Comet all sold out. Tesco sold out online without even dropping the price (?) and you can't reserve on with Argos, again, without them even dropping the price. Bizarre.

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I'll provide a small update:


If any of you guys have been following this offer on hotukdeals you'll know this deal is epic and it's virtually impossible to find one of these tablets since yesterday. People have been queuing outside Carphone Warehouse, outside PC World since 7am looking at some of the posts there.


Online retailers sell out in minutes, Currys/Comet/PC World were the first to drop the prices and will struggle to meet orders, Amazon followed suit at midnight and sold out after 5 minutes.


Argos have no plans to reduce price last I read, Play hasn't dropped their prices as well so might be worth keeping an eye on those two.


Staples staff don't know what day it is and they are sold out in store and online now I believe.

John Lewis sold out along with BestBuy

BT having major website problems but did bring their prices down.


Latest is that Misco are going to be making an annoucement 'soon'

Comet say 1000 units due 'soon'


Other posters have mentioned that stores are returning the items back to HP not sure why.


So just keep your eyes open and good luck.

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I couldn't get onto a distributor at work today as people trying to get cheap tablets were bringing the sites down. Apparently the firesale's been triggered by HP not taking returns from the channel, so everyone's been cutting their losses and getting rid of them asap rather than get caught with a warehouse full of them.

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