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Vocals problems on SkyHD/Blu-Ray


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Hey folks


Hope you can help me on an issue that is driving me insane.


I have an LG TV downstairs with Sky HD and Blu-Ray via a PS3. Upstairs I have a Sony Bravia which is connected to a Blu-Ray player.


Unfortunately when watching both the vocals are completely drowned out or far too quiet. This is mainly on movies and dramas.


After searching the net it seems to be a common problem. The solution is to apparantly turn up your centre channel but I assume this refers to 5.1 sound systems that I don't have (sound is just via the TVs).


I've changed Sky outputs to stereo as opposed to Dolby and switched on ClearVoice on the LG but still no luck. On the LG I note that you can adjust different Hz but I don't really know what each one is for. It isn't just me as my girlfriend who has perfect hearing can't make out most of the dialogue.


Any ideas?

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