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Lucha Future

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Has anybody heard of this group? I got the Sage 'What's On' brochure this week and was surprised to see a lucha event listed there.


Apologies if there's already a thread - a search didn't come up with anything.




Mexican wrestling spectacular Lucha Future is a marvel of live performance and comes to The Sage Gateshead for the first time and for one night only.




Good takes on evil, heroes are born and super heroes are made. This is huge, jaw-hanging, riotous fun - the kind you will never forget.




Lucha Future is high-flying acrobatics, astonishing special effects, exhilarating wrestling bouts in a purpose built ring, the funkiest live music from Bostich & Fussible (Nortec Collective) and the best Mexican themed food and drink.




The night features fourteen of Mexico's finest performers including legends such as Cassandro, Blue Demon Jr and Magno.




Lucha Future takes you to a new dimension. This is 3D amazement without the glasses.


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