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RIP Jeff Conaway

Tommy Atkins

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I always loved the story that did the rounds during the Babylon 5 days.


They planned to change the security uniforms on the show after a couple of seaons, but after a few days filming the creator of the show (JMS) wasn't happy with the new uniforms and planned to change them back. Conaway loved them so much that he went to JMS's office, jumped on his desk (in full uniform) and proceeded to sing Grease lightning until he agreed to keep the new uniforms.


Anyway, RIP Zach Allen, chief of security.

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Gutting. I'd been following this story for the last couple of weeks and was under the impression he had started to improve. He was in a very similar boat to Scott Hall and sadly he couldn't conquer his demons and I hope he is at peace now.

Always a fan of him as a child particular for Kenickie (Grease is the only musical I can stomach) and

in Taxi (He was the cool one of the show). My fandom was rekindled when he played Zack Allan in Babylon 5.


R.I.P. Jeff.

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