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Pro Wrestling Live comes to Bilston! 17/06/11

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Pro Wrestling Live comes to Bilston!!!


On Friday 17th June, Pro Wrestling Live will host a show in Bilston, West Midlands! Our main event will feature former Midlands regular Marcus Kool! He will be flying home from New Zealand for a brief period and will touch down in Bilston for a rare UK wrestling appearance!


Date - Friday 17th June


Time - Doors; 7PM / Starts ; 7.30PM


Venue - Bilston Labour Club, 71 Wellington Rd, Bilston, WV14 6AY


Price -

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Seen Marckus Kool wrestle Maddog Maxx maybe ten times back a few years ago. Every time it was tremendous. One time they went 35/40 minutes. Great chemistry. Anyone in the area, this is recommended.

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No, but I can imagine it was good.


What I like about this promotion - you can tell the characters of most of the wrestlers just from reading their names. Makes a card of unfamiliar guys look so much more interesting.

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In front of a sold out crowd of 260 the following results took place;


Midlands Area Championship

Mr Fantastic Pinned “Tax Man” James Hunter via a back roll pin


Tiger Singh Def. “Dangerous” Dave Pearson via a Calf Kick


Matt “Hammer” Menser beat Tom “Butcher” Mason with a “Perfect-plex”


Kris Navaro beat Joey Syxx Via Power Bomb countered to a Pin Fall


Mad Dog Maxx Pinned Marcus Kool using the ropes as an assist!


Royal Rumble Winner - Marcus Kool




We Will be back late July with another show, details TBA!

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