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Ric Flair Vs High Spots

Dr Reefer

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It seems that 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair has not been holding up his end of the legal agreement he signed in February to pay back Highspots for the money they loaned him. Since the settlement was supervised and sworn by the Court of Mecklenburg County in North Carolina, and is completely legally binding, Flair is now in contempt of court for his failure to pay. Flair's TNA Wrestling wages could be garnished, and he could even be jailed.


For those who don't remember, Highspots loaned Ric Flair a sum of money in exchange for his agreement to make promotional appearances and do autograph sessions on their behalf. Flair failed to hold up his end of the agreement, but he had given them his NWA World Title as collateral, so they attempted to sell it. They were not able to collect though because there was already a lien on the title from a PREVIOUS debt Flair was unable to repay, so they sought remedy through the courts.


According to PWInsider.com Flair has not made one single payment since he signed the agreement in February.




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