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My Golf game just got better

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On the eve of The Masters (which is f'ing available in 3D ) the new Masters Tiger Woods game is finally out and Augusta makes it's debut from EA Sports. Royal Melbourne is also featured and it's one of the courses I'm planning to play when I move to Melbourne in 4 weeks time.


Notice also who's face isn't on the cover after 13 consecutive years. DOH!




And whilst on the subject of The Masters, straight off the shelf, I'll pick a certain Bubba Watson. Great shaper of the ball and one of Golf's strange ones! A little birdie close by tells me that Watson's been playing a few practice rounds in the Georgia area recently and striking the ball lovely!

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Thoughts on the game?


I own (and adore) Tiger Woods '07. I've absolutely rinsed it. Fantastic game. Was thinking of maybe picking this up.

What are the newer TW games like? still as playable and fun as the older versions?


Used to love playing with 3 other mates doing the back 9 at Pebble Beach.


Worth getting?

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