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Midnight Zeus

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hope this is the first in a series of DVD profiles on the wrestlers who are not quite ready for their own full DVD release yet such as Santino, Sheamus, Swagger, etc.


Disappointed to find that despite it being a 15 rated DVD, there were still a few times where the screen freezes for a second whilst the action continues, just like you would see on the daytime TV shows.


Would be nice if all the matches were not PPV ones that most fans will already have in their collection.


Maybe a few Raw / Smackdown / Superstars matches would be nice.

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so is it just a plain 8 minute promo dvd?

It's essentially a cut-down version of a proper DVD, similar to the John Morrison one I suppose. They never released the Kofi one on DVD for some reason, just showed it on Sky Sports and the WWE On Demand thing.

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