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Looking for Events near Bath


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Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but I'm trying to get a comprehensive calendar for events within 30 minutes drive of Bath, Somerset.


Keep finding random events, but end up missing a lot.


Can anyone recommend any dates or shows that are "family friendly" please. I have an eight year old. Not bothered about the odd bit of profanity and weapons, but I reckon the wife will kill me if I end up taking him to the British equivalent of CZW,


Any help / info gratefully received.



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CSF Wrestling run events in the center of Bath three times per year. We have been running shows in Bath for ten years and will be back there very soon.


We also hold events in several towns in that area, again dates to be announced shortly.


Just finished all our booked dates last weekend and are now arranging the next batch along with our summer season.


Keep checking www.csfwrestling.co.uk for more info as it arrives.



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It may be rather short notice but SWF (Solent Wrestling Federation) are running an event in Bristol tonight. Definately a "family friendly" show that the wife and kids should thoroughly enjoy!


They are a top quality promotion that uses many of the top wrestlers in the country today.


Here are the details

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