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Right i've taken the plunge, and am moving to Australia for a year on Tuesday!


I have been saving and saving and now I am going. Firstly to Thailand for two weeks then to Sydney!


Does anyone have any tips for me, or any travel stories to share?


I'm moving to Aus in a few months to be with my girlfriend. I applyed for a two year partner visa and I've just been assigned a case officer who says between 5-6 wait.


I'm going early as my GF moved back at the beginning of Feb. I'm getting a 2 month tourist visa, and when my date for acceptance is official I'll pop over to NZ as iv'e got to be out of the country by then.


I can't F'ing wait to get out of the UK forever.



Good luck to you in Sydney, you'll love it. I'm a couple of hours south of Melbourne, nr the beach......... :music:

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Totally awesome - congrats to you!!!


Were going out for a month over xmas to catch up with family and do some property reccy. Hopefully moving out there after baby number 2, but buying before then.


Enjoy slurpees and golden gaytimes!!

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