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All Star/American SuperSlam Stevenage 26/02


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Just thought I would post some thoughts on the "All Star/American Super Slam" event last night at Stevenage Leisure Center, Hertfordshire - excuse the lack of names on the show, I can't for the life of me remember half of them


Match #1 - I really liked this. There was alot of technical which I think put the kids to sleep a little bit but the chants still echoed out when needed. I thought it was well paced with some really good stuff. Really made me glad I had come to the event and the guys both did well


Match #2 - Johnny Storm vs Mark Haskins - Really decent stuff. When I saw Haskins and Storm come out I knew it would be decent and it was. Hurricanranas, arm drags, suplexes, tornado DDTs, this match had alot to keep my interest and the ending wasn't half bad either


Match #3 - U.S vs U.K - The "American" guy was actually really good with getting the crowd hyped and angry. My dad shouting "rip his head off" was classic! My little brother hated him which was what was intended. Overall a decent little match, nothing spectacular but then for

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Toattaly agree with the GANGREL part


i mean i went to the All Star show in Hanley last nite it to me was abit of a let down it did have GANGREL on the card and Dean Allmark but the matches like you say were bizarre


they seem to advertise matches for next show and never pull it off :(

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