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CRW Morpeth Mayhem V - Sunday, March 20th - The Queen's Head Hotel


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Complete Revolutionary Wrestling returns to Morpeth with ' Morpeth Mayhem' V!


More details & Card Information to follow soon, so please keep an Eye out.


CRW 'Morpeth Mayhem' V


Sunday, March 20th, 2011


The Queen's Head Hotel

Bridge Street


NE61 1NB

Tel. 01670 512 083


Doors open 6:30 p.m. with a Bell Time of 7:30 p.m.


Ticket sale announcement coming soon. Will be available through venue & also on the door.


Ticket pricing starts at

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Just found out a new Wetherspoons pub opens in Morpeth on Tuesday so if there is not one there anyways you should head along and give a go for a pint then head to the show! :thumbsup:

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Just found out a new Wetherspoons pub opens in Morpeth on Tuesday so if there is not one there anyways you should head along and give a go for a pint then head to the show! :thumbsup:


Who cares about pints at weatherspoons when they produce the awesome food hahaha


Will the card be announced before the show or will it be a few matches set and then whatever results from the night before?

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quality show full of solid wrestling. not effected by a smaller then average CRW crowd in morpeth. i get to a lot of crw shows as well as others. and the wrestling on this show was very good.

if i break down the show:

first match was Purfect Purdie vs Caden: this match had a very good face spirited start with some good little high spots and acrobatics from caden which was slowly turned into some slow build heel heat. with puurdie eventually overcoming caden with a small pckage whilst hooking the ropes.

Match 2 had the face team of lucas marvel, conn aghh stitches and ross comyn vs the heels of ck edwards, the hired gunn and hot shot also known as section 5.

section 5 shwed a great deal of serious power moves with hired gunnn looking especially impressive and lucas marvel and the very green ross comyn looking very athletic and talented. stitches brought some great comedy as well as solid wrestling.Hot shot also showed some good quality heel work. the match finished with a dq when section 5 took out the ref.

match 3, in this spectaters opinion, yes i cant spell very well and yes im not the sharpest tool inn the box but im an absolute wrestling geek that has watch more wrestling then jeremy clarkson has driven cars! this match contained absolute wrestling comedy that ranks as high as anything that i have ever seen! this is no bollox no joke. the match was contested by jwc and martin kirby. pure hilerious comedy followed by some solid wrestling. kirby went over but was then attacked by lowthian after a face to face show down with the intent of showing the complete dominance of the tyneside titan who contiues to impress in all that he does.

after the interval the crowd was treated to a very hard hitting yet athletic contest between cohash mquade( i think i got that right) and micky 'the' mann a great back and forth match up with show the real possibilties of both men to make it to very high levels of british wrestling. both very talented guys. cohash finished victorious bt i missed the finish in search of a beer to my dissapointment and shame.

match 5 involved el striko ( a good little lucha style wrestler and a very hyper cowboy dan west vs a new team i have never seen before i think they were called the intruders. the intruders show some serious menace and really worked some cheap heat heel tactics that really pissed people of the whole match worked reaal well with the intruders pulling of the win with a real strong power move that this commentator cannot describe.

the main event of lowthian vs assassi vs the saint was a hard hitting brawl complemented by some well time high spots provided by the saint that drew many gasps as well as ohhs and ahhs really solid match, in wich lowthian show his massive talent assassin show the high quallity that has kept him high in the list of the north easts top 3 for many years and the saint proved once again why in this writers opinion he is one of the most underrated in the northeast. assassin pick up the win after a run in from kirby which distracted lowthian, following up nicely from the confrontation the two had earlier in the evening.

overall the show quallity purely from a wrestling point of is a very good 8.5 out 10

thoroughly enjoyed it it all made sense to me.


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very good show yesterday, only my 2nd ever crw show. 'the tyneside titan' lowthian looks future wwe material and yes the 3rd match was unreal in terms of comedy, one of the funniest things ive ever seen at a wrestling show. well done!

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