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Interview with Kurt Angle


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Just a short interview with Angle that covers several topics. It's worth a read.


Question: Kurt, first of all, congratulations on the addition to the family. Tell us how mother and daughter are doing?


Kurt Angle: They're doing extremely well. We had a little bit of a scare as my fiancee had some complications and I was in Europe, and I want to thank TNA for letting me go back home because it was the beginning of the tour, but my fiancee came out good and the baby came out even better. She was a little small but I was just happy that everything went ok.


Question: What about what is going on in TNA these days with you working with Jeff Jarrett and your ex-wife? Was this storyline something that you were very open to doing? I just wonder what your take on all of this is.


Kurt Angle: It's up for grabs, you know. When it all went down I asked for a release. I wanted out and TNA basically gave me my wishes and said "We'll do whatever you want for you to stay" and I said I wanted them off the show so they were taken off the show and as time went on I guess the writers got the idea about possibly bringing them back and asked me how I felt. Honestly, I don't feel either way. I really don't care.


Question: For what it's worth I definitely feel that the chemistry between you guys is fantastic. You can feel that there's real life animosity and fireworks there. And you know how pro wrestling is, Kurt. You take something from the headlines and if there's money to be made they'll try to milk it. I wonder though are you able now to work with them on a professional level or is it just what we see on TV and that's it - you don't have anything else to do with them backstage?


Kurt Angle: That's pretty much it which is cool with me. I've got a wonderful family here and I get to see my kids as much as I can see them since they're living in Tennessee. It's hard but I do my job and then I come home to my family but it is a pretty hot angle. People like to see what happens in reality and it can't get anymore real than this so it's kind of one of the storylines that you never thought would happen on TV but it's starting to ignite and it's going to be interesting to see what happens.


Question: What about the other big story happening recently? We've seen Kevin Nash and Booker T return to WWE. The future of Sting is still unknown, whether it would be in WWE or TNA. Obviously, you're under contract with TNA but as we just talked about things haven't always been a bed of roses for you in TNA with the personal and now professional relationship with some. Is a return to WWE a possibility? Is that door even open?


Kurt Angle: [laughs] You know what, my contract's up in August. I'm gonna keep the option open. I like TNA. I like being there. I like the way the company has built the last four and a half years since I've been there. I like to believe I've been a big part of TNA. I enjoy being in TNA. I love it here. I don't have any plans of leaving but, you know, I don't think Kevin Nash and Booker T had plans of jumping either. Actually, up until a couple of days before the Rumble they were signed with TNA. In essence they asked for their release at the last second and TNA gave them their wish and they ended up in WWE. You never know what could happen in pro wrestling, you know how it goes. You just have to go with what's best for the individual and that's what I'm gonna do - I'm gonna do what's best for Kurt Angle. But I can tell you they treat me really well here. Yeah, I've had some difficult times in TNA but I like the direction the company's going and I like the talent that they've acquired.


Question: I want to get your take on the landscape in TNA. What do you foresee for TNA in 2001 to hopefully break through the next barrier and become an even bigger player in the market?


Kurt Angle: Our biggest asset is the roster right now. The talent is incredible. But it's what we do with our talent. It really comes down to what Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan come up with to help utilise that talent. I believe that right now we have a better roster than WWE and we have a lot of great wrestlers right now, both wrestlers who came from WWE and also homegrown TNA talent. We just have to continue to make these guys better wrestlers and make them bigger stars and keep them on TV consistently week after week. We all know that storylines are every bit as important as the wrestling matches so it really comes down to how they bring these guys in and how they are able to utilise them to make them bigger stars because like I said the roster's stacked right now. We can't put everybody on the TV show. We don't have two TV shows - we only have one - so you're not seeing a lot of the talent week after week. I just think that they'll have to be more consistent about keeping the top talent in there.


Question: How high are you on Tommy Mercer a.k.a. Crimson?


Kurt Angle: I think he's a great wrestler. I think he's gonna need to earn his stripes. I think he can be a big star but that's up to him and how he goes about it. As long as he keeps his mouth shut, stays humble and listens to the veterans I think he's going to do really well. I like him a lot. I think he's a great athlete and a good guy. I think that he's the kind of guy that we can make a star overnight. You can't do that with a lot of people but I think he has the ability to do it.


Question: How's your health these days?


Kurt Angle: I'm doing really well. They gave me a few months off after Bound For Glory and it helped me dramatically because I really beat myself into the ground.


Question: And in conclusion, is there anything else you want to mention Kurt?


Kurt Angle. Yeah. I want to make sure all the fans watch the show tonight because there's gonna be a big turn tonight that I think it's imperative that the fans see because of the direction the company's gonna go here in the future. It's something that the writers came up with and it's really intriguing. I liked it a lot. Obviously, we had a little bit of a bump in the road when Kevin Nash and Booker T showed up at the Royal Rumble. We thought we were going to do something else but at the last second we had to change it and I think it was for the better. I want everybody to watch tonight and you'll see how intriguing it is.

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So his contract is up in August huh? Hmmm. I think a few years away from WWE has been good for Angle, and later this year could be the right time for him to return. There are plenty of fresh new matches he could have with the new generation of stars and he could help elevate them further. First bring him in as a face (which is a given, as his return will prompt a positive crowd response), throw him up against Dolph, Miz etc. Then after he can turn heel and work against Kofi, Morrison and- the one I'd love to see- Daniel Bryan. And he could have an absolute belter VS Punk too.

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