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    Covid-19 Megathread

    Nonsense I've got literally thousands of loo rolls. So many actually I plan to build a property which I will rent out and demand exorbitant rental fees.
  2. In light of the current anxiety and general negativity going on in the world at the minute Loki you owe it to everyone to make these tapes available.
  3. ElCece

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I think you need to consider the depressing reality that it's more likely you have been pick pocketed for your hand sanitizer.
  4. It's a Liger. The only Liger he would ever feed for!
  5. Jesus you have just triggered some flashbacks.
  6. Fuck Leon Scott who has he ever beat? I would be really happy with either of those 2 as a replacement.
  7. I'm in your boat, adds a different quality to the event as well.
  8. Went with Yahya, Formiga, Lee & Trinaldo(decision).£5 pays £95.
  9. I know it isn't the intention but I've come away from this thinking we should be doing tag-team MMA.
  10. He was considered as was Lascelles. Big Canny Cool is just too fitting though.
  11. I've spent several minutes trying to think who Newcastle would send and I think they would need to go with Carroll. He would have the Diesel role, big man with great hair. Come in eliminate a few then tears his quad.
  12. ElCece

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I sit on the Buisness Contigency team within my work. You obviously have way more responsibility than I do but I have been given areas to lead on. One of my recommendations was to secure hot spot assets for a 3rd of the team for a reason I won't bore you with. My usually(rightfully) stringent boss 20 minutes after my recommendation signed it off for everyone to be sure. £29k just like that without a 2nd thought. That might not seem like a lot but it is the NHS. Really highlighted to me just how seriously this is being viewed.
  13. ElCece

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Work in Healthcare so I'm still going into work and I have to travel between sites as well and it is very noticeable the reduction in people out and about.
  14. If he can see of aids he can see off Covid. Nothing to worry about.
  15. Maybe they had Michael's work Flair because he was great and could give him a fun match but didn't do the same with Jannetty because he has wanted to shag his daughter.
  16. That's exactly my state of affairs as well.
  17. Right after tanning his ring into a brass colour.
  18. ElCece

    The NFL thread

    Funny I am totally against it. The previous Rams logo was one of my favourites. It isn't immediately obvious its the Rams logo and at a glance the horn could be confused with the Chargers Bolt.
  19. I would want to ask if this water dispenser has a history of appearing in movies or if this appearance is just a flash in the pan.
  20. I hate the fact that I support what McGregor is saying. Also the timing of that tweet from Makhachev with one of the best womens fights in memory that was swiftly followed by one of the most underwhelming mens title fights in memory. Also as an aside that hematoma on Joanna's head is terrifying.
  21. Surely he will? Surely? It's got to be about the safest signing you can make. He was never that big a name so he presumably wont demand silly money and maybe just maybe there is untapped potential there. Oh and of course he is almost guaranteed to have a fun fight. Also to all those numpties bitching on twitter to get out of WWE whilst also slating them. This is how you respectfully ask for your release.
  22. Went for a little 3 fold for tonight: Joanna Jed by decision, Winn and Magny. £10 wins about £140
  23. David Seaman is about 3 tiers above those other losers. The only reason he had a shorter spell was due to us picking ham and Eggers over him for a few years. Punkstep beat me to that some what.
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