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  1. The reason things from the 90s/2000s/etc seem more recent than did the 60s/70s at that point is that globalisation and digital technology have zombified pop culture in a way that means old forms (at least those which emerged since the advent of mass media in the 50s/60s) never die away in the way that they once did.

    Mark Fisher and Simon Reynolds and those boys call it ‘hauntology’. We’re ‘haunted’ by our cultural past through digital media in a way that people in the 90s and before weren’t.

  2. What do yous reckon would have happened if the WWF had properly gotten behind RVD as their new top babyface when he was getting monster reactions in 2001? Maybe by having him become the first Undisputed Champion rather than Jericho, and running with him from there?

    Rock and Austin were both close to being done, and Austin wasn't even a babyface at the time. RVD fell into their lap as a guy the crowd loved so much they had to have him as a face in the otherwise heel Alliance, but after the No Mercy triple threat it was clear they weren't serious about him as a top guy and his reactions cooled from there.

    A heel Austin putting over a face RVD to make the latter a made man at Mania X8 would have been a much more natural conclusion to the previous year's storylines than the rushed, nigh-on-inexplicable Austin face turn that we got instead.

  3. 20 minutes ago, Supremo said:

    Ideally, Wrestle Kingdom  will be a huge success this year and Vince will copy them by making Wrestlemania a two-day event in the upcoming years. Two three hour shows on Saturday and Sunday would be far better than one six hour show on Sunday. 

    Fucking hell, no thanks. One show of a sane length would be great ta.

  4. 2 hours ago, Devon Malcolm said:

    That Liverpool one can't be right, surely, the Scousers didn't vote to leave.

    The city as a whole didn’t. But the Walton constituency where both football grounds are voted 52% to Leave. So these figures could be correct if they’re calculated at constituency level.

  5. Yeah you can find unflattering images of any politician/person. Shouldn’t need pointing out that spreading the false notion that they chose one of those unflattering images to put on the side of their campaign bus is a different thing entirely.

  6. On 12/4/2019 at 7:01 PM, Hannibal Scorch said:

    Anyone else think It was Aphex Twin on the side of the Lib Dem’s bus or is it just me?


    Going back a few pages but this looks very fake (the lines on the coach are visible over her shoulders/torso but not her face, which has been superimposed), and also rather cruel and small minded. Think before sharing.

  7. 4 hours ago, King Pitcos said:

    Triple H has done the big Internet babyface turn since Punk left, though. The “doofus son in law ruining the biz” stuff wouldn’t wash these days like it would in 2011-2014. Them doing the shoot insults at each other now might just weaken both characters.

    Could be some legs in Punk saying that Triple H has basically been dancing to Punk’s tune in the six years he’s been gone.

  8. 45 minutes ago, WeeAl said:

    Looking forward to Brock Lesnar being the Boss of Survivor Series for yet another year running. Lesnar and Rey are going to own this show. Goldberg, Styles, Bryan and now Rey. He's Mr. Survivor Series. Had he appeared on the 2012, '13, '14, and '15 events then he'd have taken those shows by the balls too. 

    He’s the absolute bollocks isn’t he. Imagine thinking he was boring. Imagine being that fucking wrong.

  9. The wins and losses work fine. Wins and losses matter in boxing and UFC but its not literally the person with the best win percentage getting the title shot every time. Real life bookers booking real sports account for box office as well so its fine for wrestling bookers to do the same in storylines. Christ.

  10. 18 minutes ago, King Pitcos said:

    So you're disputing that Becky's Internet popularity had anything to do with rebelling against Vince, and your example to back that up is that her popularity started to downturn once the TV storyline made it obvious that Vince would be booking her to win the belt at WrestleMania... 

    This is the worst thing about WWE now. The fans don’t want storylines. They want to see their favourites succeed in spite of the storylines.

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