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  1. And Robert Stone, who they could easily have had there in character, scouting potential clients. Pretty sure I saw Butcher & The Blade cheering Jungle Boy over MJF at Double or Nothing too!
  2. Agreed. Given the amount of repetition, I get the impression that workers aren’t watching each others’ matches on a monitor in the back.
  3. Thanks for sharing. That was a fun way to kill half an hour, even if I did only manage 24!
  4. It wouldn’t hurt to actually explain what Dexter Lumis’ character is supposed to be & why he’s seemingly impervious to pain, unless I’ve missed some vignettes?
  5. Wrestlers springboarding into an RKO (or Sweet Chin Music) when they’ve never previously used a move that involved springboarding. Punk just about got away with it at ‘Mania that year because he uses a springboard clothesline. Selling a single finisher LIKE DEATH when it’s hit during a promo segment, rather than within the context of an actual match.
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