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**UKFF AWARDS 2004**


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UK Match of the year : Event Security Vs. D. Disorderly, E. Torro Sanchez & Tron @ UCW with 18.00% of votes

a truly terrible match.did not go to plan as two of the wrestlers injured themselves and got counted out when they shouldn't have
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Actually only one of the wrestlers injured himself, however the injury in question could have happened to anyone. The wrestler in question, myself, landed to heavily on my left arm while delivering a Black Hole Slam and dislocated my left shoulder. However do not make statements like:

and got counted out when they shouldn't have

when you have no knowledge of the structure of the match in question was planned. Also find a clip of the aforementioned move showing that the problem while completely my own fault could have happened to anyone.http://www.freewebs.com/tron_4_lyfe/Black_Hole_Slam.WMV Edited by Tron
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