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That Trans Thread…..


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Is Eddie Izzard a woman as he dresses as one? Where does this start and end? If i put on a dress and call myself Roberta Funn am i woman? Clarity is needed on this situation.


Sorry, that came across quite blunt. But is that how it is now? I work for a big organisation who is into all this and i’m scared incase i misgender anyone. Could someone please explain the following….

is a man in the dress who calls himself a different name now classed as a woman?

is a woman who dresses as a man and calls herself dave instead of davina a man?

can a man breast feed? 
can a man have a baby?

can a man have periods?

Is it fair men who say they are a woman compete womens in sports?

why doesnt any woman who has become a man compete in male sports?

all geniune questions…

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