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When it all comes around full circle in wrestling.


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I wanted to start this thread as things like this seem to happen with me quite a lot. Probably because to me, everything can always be connected to wrestling, so here we go. 


I was quite big on D-lo brown and his "recognise" gimmick back around 1998/99. I was 17. Edge and Christian were on the rise around the same time and were occasionally combining similar words. "Ramipercussions" being one. I was always a fan of words. Saying at the time that "You'd better Acknowlodgise" 


Fast forward 20 odd years and Roman Reigns is saying "Acknowledge me", whilst Edge and Christian are now both wrestling again. 


I've got lots of other similar examples that I've thought about posting too and then forgot. I might add them as when they come back........... 



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