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Hasbro Special - The Finale

Kaz Hayashi

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Hi all

We’ve had a fun month with Grapple Arcade on the Spanish Announce Table radio show. It’s basically been a Hasbro Special month and we’ve just uploaded the final episode to YouTube.

We ran a huge competition with some class prizes, we chatted with long time collectors, including Glen from PROGRESS wrestling, we had a truly unique interview with the people responsible for the long awaited Hasbro Book, in which they finished with a poem... that’s right.

We discuss the outcome of the Hasbro poll I shared a couple of weeks back on here.

We chat about really obscure shops selling figs, obscene prices and chat with Kev Hasbro about frauds and fakes (episode 2).

Now of course, much like any anticipated figure line, we haven’t uploaded the episodes in order. There is 3 in total, Pt.2 is up, Pt.3 is linked above, but Pt.1 has had a couple of ‘distribution’ issues.

So while I polish my fork in anticipation, please check out the finale linked above.

** We’ll be announcing a big competition later this week on twitter, exclusively for our YouTube subscribers. Free to enter with a shit load of prizes (but you need to be a subscriber).

twitter: @GrappleArcade

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