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Battle Ready Wrestling School & Fitness/Performance Centre Newcastle Petition


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Hey guys,

 So below is a petition that I'd be grateful if you could sign.

Jay Melrose AKA Primate was due to open his Battle Ready NCL wrestling school & fitness/performance centre but his permit was declined by Newcastle City Council for quite silly reasons. 

One being insufficient parking and the other apparently not being easily accessible to the public which is quite frankly stupid. Firstly Battle Ready is 3 minutes from Gosforth High Street(which has parking aplenty), 5 minutes from Regent Centre metro and 7 minutes from South Gosforth metro, so for me this would be one of the most accessible wrestling schools in the north east that I can even recall and to top it off its going to be ran by a well known and well liked guy in Jay Melrose. 

Everything is pretty much in place. A run down building had been renovated and was ready to go, he has all of the equipment, the ring is close to be finished as well. Also, there was plans for other self employed personal trainers and ballet teachers to hold classes in the fitness centre as well. This wrestling school and centre was going to benefit many people in many ways & there is a distinct lack of wrestling schools in the north east and wrestling again in the uk is on the rise. 

This centre will benefit so many people around the north east and it would be at no cost to the tax payer.

If you guys could sign this and share it around then that'd be great.

Lets make it happen!


Newcastle City Council To Reconsider Declined Permit Application For Battle Ready NCL

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