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I wrote a novel about Charles Manson

Astro Hollywood

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Using my fingers and mind, I wrote a book. Here it is, look.



January 1971, and Charles Manson is acquitted of the famed Manson Family murders. As a free man, he finds himself folk hero to the disenfranchised youth that flock to his side, where one young follower quickly becomes enamoured with the freedoms of this brave new world.

But something unimaginably terrible may be brewing, in a place where life and death are “just an illusion,” and where a lie, told enough times with enough conviction, can become the truth.

Millard’s alternate history fable is a story of freedom and control; of love and obsession; and of charismatic leaders with big promises.

It's out on October 10th, but the digital version is available to pre-order right now.

If it's a paperback you're after, currently the limitations of Amazon publishing’s print arm (including no print pre-orders) make it tricky to time releases to a specific date, but I’m going to try to get Charlie and Me available in paperback around the day the digital versions hit. But obviously don't let that stop you grabbing a digital copy immediately.

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