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Old ROH, PWG and other indy show DVDs for sale


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Hi all,



Having a clear out at my parents, where I have a large number of ROH, PWG and other other show DVDs. Have a look and drop me a message if you have any questions. All are originals, bought from ROH or Highspots, and are in very good condition.



Ring of Honor (£5 each unless stated otherwise)



Samoa Joe vs CM Punk Collector’s Edition £7.50



Tag Wars 2010 (feat. Tyler Black vs Davey Richards)


From the Ashes 2010 (feat. Kenny Omega vs Kevin Steen)


Battle of Richmond 2010 (feat. Davey Richards vs Jimmy Jacobs)


Breakout 2008 (feat. Nigel McGuinness vs Chris Hero & Bryan Danielson vs Tyler Black)


Live Strong 2012 (feat. Kevin Steen vs Roderick Strong


Brew City Beatdown 2012 (feat. The Briscoes vs Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs)


Escalation 2008 (feat. Nigel McGuinness vs Austin Aries vs Tyler Black)


Revolution Canada 2011 (feat. Eddie Edwards vs Chris Hero)


Survival of the Fittest 2006 (feat. Bryan Danielson vs Samoa Joe, Davey Richards vs Matt Sydal & Austin Aries vs Christopher Daniels)


Rising Above 2008 (feat. Nigel McGuinness vs Bryan Danielson)


Honor Reclaims Boston 2008 (feat. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs Kenta & Davey Richards)


Injustice 2 2009 (feat. Nigel McGuinness vs Tyler Black & Jerry Lynn vs Bryan Danielson)


Supercard of Honor 2011 (feat. Eddie Edwards vs Roderick Strong)


Gateway to Honor 2011 (feat. American Wolves vs All Night Express & Jay Lethal vs Mark Briscoe)


Chicago Spectacular N1 2006 (feat. Bryan Danielson vs Samoa Joe)


Chicago Spectacular N2 2006 (ft. Danielson, Jacobs, Rave and Shingo vs Delirious, Whitmer, Cabana and McGuinness)


Hate: Chapter 2 2010 (feat. Kevin Steen vs El Generico)


Pick Your Poison 2010 (feat. The Briscoes vs Steve Corino and Kevin Steen & Roderick Strong vs El Generico)


Glory by Honor VI 2008 (feat. Nigel McGuinness vs El Generico, Go Shiozaki vs Kevin Steen & Bryan Danielson vs Katsuhiko Nakajima)


Honor Takes Centre Stage Chapter 1 2011 (feat. Eddie Edwards vs Christopher Daniels)


Caged Rage 2007 (feat. The Briscoes vs Steenerico in a cage)


9th Anniversary show 2011 (feat. Davey Richards vs Colt Cabana & Christopher Daniels vs Eddie Edwards)


Manhatten Mayhem 2011 (feat. Roderick Strong vs Eddie Edwards)


Gold Rush 2010 (feat. Roddy Strong vs Kenny Omega)


Bluegrass Brawl 2010 (ft. Wolves vs Briscoes & Tyler Black vs Claudio Castagnoli)


Final Battle 2010 (ft. Steen vs Generico non-sanctioned fight without honor)


Survival of the fittest 2011 (ft. Kenny King vs Adam Cole vs Michael Elgin vs Tommaso Ciampa)


Bitter Friends Stiffer Enemies 2 (ft. Cabana and Generico vs Steen and Corino & Tyler Black vs Chris Hero)


Final Battle 2011 (ft. Davey Richards vs Eddie Edwards)


Stalemate 2005 (ft. Danielson vs Homicide, CM Punk vs The Embassy, Austin Aries vs Jamie Noble & Joe vs Alex Shelley vs McGuinness vs Cabana)


Buffalo Stampede 2005 (ft. Danielson vs Corino, Low Ki vs Cabana & McGuinness vs Joe)


Tag Wars 2008 (Briscoes vs Aries and Kota Ibushi & Age of the Fall vs Motor City Machine Guns)


Survival of the Fittest 2005 (ft. McGuinness vs BJ Whitmer, Jamie Noble vs Christopher Daniels & Jimmy Rave vs Austin Aries)


Survival of the Fittest 2009 (ft. Steen vs Cabana, Petey Williams vs Castagnoli & Hero vs Omega)


Manhatten Mayhem 3 2009 (ft. Jerry Lynn vs Austin Aries)


Survival of the Fittest 2007 (ft. McGuinness vs Danielson, Hero vs Karl Anderson & Rocky Romero vs TJ Perkins)


Stylin' & Profilin' 2009 (ft. Danielson vs Bison Smith & Age of the Fall vs Tyler Black and Jerry Lynn)


Glory by Honor 9 2010 (ft. Tyler Black vs Roderick Strong)


Proving Ground N1 2009 (ft. Black vs Richards & Necro Butcher vs Aries)


Champions Challenge 2010 (ft. Black vs Edwards & Richards vs Steen)


Domination 2010 (ft. Strong vs Takeshi Morishima)


Glory By Honor 2011 (ft. Richards vs Generico, Briscoes vs Young Bucks & Lethal vs Strong)


Fate of an Angel 2 2010 (ft. Strong vs Daniels & Kings of Wrestling vs Steenerico)


Night of the Butcher 2 2008 (ft. Necro vs Jacobs, Danielson and Aries vs McGuinness and Castagnoli & Brent Albright vs Go Shiozaki)


Fifth Year Festival Dayton 2007 (ft. Morishima vs Whitmer, Sydal vs Aries & Joe vs Richards)


Unity 2012 (ft. Briscoes vs Jigsaw and Hallowicked & Lethal, Cole and Perkins vs The Colony)


Tag Team Turmoil 2011 (ft. Wolves vs Strong and Elgin)


Rise and Prove 2012 (ft. Briscoes vs Richards and O'Reilly & Bonus ROH Underground disc)


Eliminating the Competition 2009 (ft. McGuinness vs Lynn vs Black vs Jacobs)


Double Feature 2 - The Hunt Begins/Tag Title Classic 2009 (ft. Steenerico and Danielson vs Wolves and Sylvain Grenier & Wolves vs Black & Danielson)


Rising Above 2012 (ft. Richards vs Adam Cole)


All-Star Extravaganza 2013 (ft. Forever Hooligans vs Wolves, Steen vs Brian Kendrick & Michael Elgin vs Paul London)


Tokyo Summit 2008 (ft. McGuinness vs Jacobs, Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs Danielson & Generico vs Taiji Ishimori)


Caged Collision 2009 (ft. McGuinness vs Generico & Castagnoli vs Steen)


Clash of the Contenders 2009 (ft. Richards vs Omega & Black vs Hero)


Gut Check 2006 (ft. Danielson vs Cabana 2/3 falls)


Wrestling at the Gateway 2008 (ft. Aries vs Black & Danielson and Lynn vs McGuinness and Castagnoli)


Battle in the Carolinas double show set 2011 (ft. Edwards vs Generico & all-star elimination tag incl. Haas, Benjamin, Strong, Edwards & Generico)


Tag Wars 2006 (ft. Aries and Strong vs Danielson and Lethal & Trios tourney semis and final)


Fighting Spirit 2007 (ft. Morishima vs McGuinness)


Dethroned 2006 (ft. Joe and Homicide vs Briscoes, Richards vs Aries & Strong vs Shingo)


Final Battle 2009 (ft. Aries vs Black, Jack Evans vs Teddy Hart & Rocky Romero vs Alex Koslov)


Caged Hostility 2012 (ft. Briscoes and Rhett Titus vs SCUM, Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly)


Validation 2009 (ft. Lynn vs Jay Briscoe, Wolves vs Steen and Danielson and Dutt vs Hero)


The Battle of St Paul 2007 (ft. Morishima vs Aries & Strong vs Daniels)


Final Battle 2007 (ft. Briscoes vs Jacobs and Black, Naomichi Marufuji vs Richards & Morishima vs Danielson vs Aries vs Hero)


SoCal Showdown 2 2011 (ft. Strong vs Generico, Richards vs Perkins & Daniels vs Mark Briscoe)




Straight Shootin' with Ron Killings (£1.50)



PWG (£5) 



Battle of Los Angeles 2007 N1 (Tourney incl. Hero, Aries, Joey Ryan, Sydal, Shelley, Cima, Shingo, Steen, Dragon Kid & McGuinness)


Battle of Los Angeles 2007 N2


BOLA 2007 N3


European Vacation 2 2007 N2 in Portsmouth (ft. Aries vs Zebra Kid & Human Tornado vs Pac)


Jason takes PWG 2005 (ft. AJ Styles vs Daniels)


Threemendous 2006 (ft. Perkins vs Strong, B-Boy vs Ryan in a cage)


Against the Grain 2009 (Young Bucks vs Kenny Omega and Richards)


Fear of a Black Planet 2006 (ft. Ryan vs Kazarian)


Holy Diver Down 2007 (ft. Pac vs Steen)


Chanukah Chaos 2005 (ft. Hero vs Styles & Steen vs Ryan)


Smells Like Steen Spirit 2005 (ft. Joe vs Super Dragon, Steen vs Quicksilver & Generico and Human Tornado vs Petey Williams and Kazarian)


Ernest P Worrell Memorial 2005 (ft. Ricky Reyes vs Chris Sabin & Daniels and Generico vs Steen and Styles)


All Nude Revue 2005 ft. Joe vs Super Dragon & Daniels vs Steen)


Beyond the Thunderdome 2006 (ft. Super Dragon and Richards vs Daniels and Styles, Ryan vs Sabin & B-Boy vs Steen)


Uncanny Xmas 2004 (ft. Kendrick vs Cabana, Steen and Generico vs Aerial Express & Super Dragon vs Jonny Storm)


Giant-size Annual 4 2007 (ft. Generico vs Danielson, Pac and Strong vs Steenerico & Devitt vs Richards)


Roger Dorn Night 2007 (ft. Generico and Richards vs Steen and Danielson, Chris Bosh and Scott Lost vs Young Bucks & Black vs Ryan)



Other indies (£5)



FIP Payback 2005 (ft. Punk vs Cabana)


FIP Unifinished Business 2008 (ft. Strong vs Aries & McGuinness vs Larry Sweeney)


FIP Florida Rumble 2006 (ft. Daffney vs Allison Danger & Florida Rumble inclu. Danielson, Cabana, Richards, Sweeney and Aries.)


FIP Impact of Honor 2006 (ft. Danielson vs Cabana, Richards vs Shingo)


FIP Heatstoke 2006 N1 (ft. Danielson vs Cabana, Shingo vs Homicide & Richards vs Whitmer)


Beyond Wrestling Americanrana 2013 (ft. Edwards vs Biff Busick, Steen vs Masada & AR Fox vs JT Dunn)


APW King of the Indies 2001 (tourney ft. Doug Williams. Adam Pearce, Joe, Daniels, Super Dragon, Danielson, Styles & Bison Smith)


Dragon Gate Chasing the Dragon 2011 (ft. Pac, Rich Swann & AR Fox vs Ricochet, Cima & Akira Tozawa)


Major League Wrestling 2004 (ft. Danielson vs Teddy Hart, Harry Smith & Tyson Kidd vs Bobby Quance & Puma and Sonjay Dutt vs Jack Evans)


XPW Cold Day in Hell 2008 (ft. Necro Butcher vs Supreme, New Jack and Mustafa vs The WSN & Sabu and Homeless Jimmy vs Raven and White Trash Johnny Webb)


Quintessential Pro Wrestling Well Worth the Wait 2014 (ft. Cheerleader Melissa vs Joey Ryan, Steen vs Hero & Adam Thornstowe vs Drake Younger)


Cedric Alexander Dream Match Series (ft. Cedric vs Lethal, vs Styles, vs Johnny Gargano & vs Rich Swann)


NWA 55th Anniversary 2003 (ft. Fergal Devitt vs Spyder, Jerell Clark vs Strong vs Danny Doring & Americas Most Wanted vs The Naturals)


WSU Breaking Barriers 2 2011 (ft. Melina vs Lexus)


NWA Wildside Best of War Games (ft. AJ Styles, Jimmy Rave, Air Paris & more)


UWF Hardcore War 2007 (ft. The Dudleys vs Styles and Daniels, Dustin Rhodes vs Corino & Sabin vs Joey Ryan)


Dragon Gate UK Invasion UK 2009 (ft. Cima and Young Bucks vs Pac, BxB Hulk and Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino vs Dragon Kid & Susumu Yokosuka vs Shingo)


Dragon Gate UK DG vs UK 2011 (ft. Shingo vs Mark Haskins & Susumu Yokosuka vs Pac)


DGUK Invasion UK 2 2010 (ft. Cima and Dragon Kid vs Haskins & Pac & Marty Scurll vs Cyber Kong)


DGUK Invasion UK 3 2011 (ft. Shingo vs Pac, Dragon Kid vs Akira Tozawa & BxB Hulk, Naruki Doi and Cima vs Lion Kid, Mark Haskins and Marty Scurll)


DGUK Shingo vs Yokosuka 2 2010 (ft. Shingo vs Yokosuka & Doi vs Yamato)


DGUK Shingo vs Yokosuka 3 2011 (ft. Shingo vs Yokosuka, Pac vs Dragon Kid & Cima and Gamma vs Haskins and Scurll)



Interviews (£5)



Kevin Steen show w/ Tommaso Ciampa


Kevin Steen Show w/ Nigel McGuinness


Steve Corino presents old school w/ Tommy Rich



Other DVDs (£2)



ECW Extreme Fan Cam Worcester 10/7/98 (ft. Lynn vs Justin Credible, Masato Tanaka vs Tracy Smothers & Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Spike Dudley and New Jack vs The Dudleys and Jak Victory)


WWN Live Best of CM Punk 


Breakfast in bed with Sinn Bodhi and Stacy Carter


Before They Were Impact Players (ft. Doug Williams vs Jerry Lynn, Joe vs Zebra Kid & Sabin vs Petey Williams vs Jonny Storm vs Spud)


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