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Things us UK fans may have missed out on before the Internet.

FWA Goon

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watching some of the wwe network and the dvd releases over years had me thinking of things we missed watching WWF/WCW in the 1990s.


For example Macho Man is known as the Slim Jim guy. But we never really knew of that as we didn't see those commercials. and most of us wouldn't know what a Slim Jim is either. 


Mean Gene's WCW hotline promos.  


Not being able to watch WCW PPV's. We would get 4 weeks of build up and not get to see the show. Occasionally they would show some on the German channel DSF but it was a few months later. Only later on you could buy the video tapes by mail order.


I'll add more as I think of them. 

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In general, fans also missed out when it comes to being informed. I still go insane over that I missed out on seeing Hogan vs Flair and Flair vs Steamboat live in Germany (driving distance from where I live in Holland), simply because I did not know WCW was touring there.

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