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Classic WWF/E videos and merchandise


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I know this may seem a bit unusual as I've only just signed up here and I'm not sure of the typical protocol for this type of thing, but I have a HUGE collection of VHS tapes with every single WWF/E PPV (including the British ones) from Unforgiven in September 1999 until about mid-2007 (Great American Bash I think).


I also have the WrestleMania collection (1-15) official boxset, about 15 other official WWF/E releases including 'Before They Were Superstars 1 & 2', 'Confidential' from 2002/3 and a bunch of biographies.


Bottom line, I want rid of them - are there any collectors amongst you that may be interested?


I am in Kilsyth, Scotland (just outside Glasgow) and anyone who can collect them at my house I am more than willing to sell them to you!


Best bid get them all - no time limit or anything, just get in touch and make an offer.


I have EASILY way over 100 VHS tapes, so I'd imagine for a collector these are like gold dust nowadays!


If you're interested, along with all the wrestling tapes I also have plenty of boxing as well - Lewis v Tyson, Rumble In The Jungle documentary, Raging Bull, Rocky movies, etc...


Email brown87fb@outlook.com or message me here!


Thank you very much!

All the best.

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